Sounds Of Rest

Sounds Of Rest

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My music is influenced by the many countries that I have lived in. I have a very unique pianistic style that is made of fire and passion. Sounds of Rest is what I hope to give to the listener, taking them on a journey into exotic and dramatic places.


My musical training started very early on, and I was studying music at college level by age 9. I performed with many symphonies and ensembles, and am very blessed to have experienced all that I have. I was fortunate enough to live in Egypt, Rome, and Vienna during those educational years, and learned about cultures and the big picture of a world community. I feel that my music reflects these ideas. I have experience as a french hornist performing with many orchestras around the world. I have taken my orchestral background and blended it with my piano styling. The piano is a complete orchestra by itself, and so many tones and harmonics can be reached just by the velocity and touch.


I am currently working on my first CD under "Sounds Of Rest". I have many other CD's and live play out there as studio musician and keyboardist. I have played with Selu in Europe, and am also a BMI songwriter.