Sounds of Sirens

Sounds of Sirens


When Sounds of Sirens were kids, they loved to make suicides after baseball games. Now they make music . Neon guitar sounds weave through diverse polyrhythmic beats. Punk sweats out of the heavy distortion and shout-along choruses. This is pop metal. proto-future rock. vampire weekend with balls!


If you can imagine an island, but instead of water there's just farmland, thats Fayetteville, TN. Phil, Micah, and Drew all knew Lynryd Skynyrd by heart at age 7. We raced go karts. We grew up with the 90s; we can't escape it...

Things came together in 2011 over a rough summer to say the least. Stuck back in their hometown after living in Knoxville for years, they were bored, and Phil had a sweet house. The chemisty was natural, and you can hear the push-pull in all the diverse sounds.

Phil Gleghorn's explosive technicailty was the perfect complement for Drew Daniel's knack for writing songs so catchy they should only be classified as earwigs. That wall of intense energy you hear? Yeah, that's Micah Davis pushing the gas pedal on these muscular sounds.

Sounds of Sirens believe in distortion. Sounds of Sirens believe in dancing. Sounds of Sirens believe in singing along. Sounds of Sirens believe in love. We want to share that love with you.


Classic Static EP 2010
(Singles: Alone Tonight) listed on's June 2011 mixtape. Also featured on Juice Springs Best of 2011 playlist.

Mission Statement 2011

Reflections 2011

Everyday Earthquake 2011