Sounds of System Breakdown

Sounds of System Breakdown


Sounds of System Breakdown is a one-man electro-rock band from Dublin. Combining elements from casio-core to 8-bit to electro to post-punk to piano-led power ballads, SOSB multi-tasks his way through energetic live performances and induces widespread spontaneous dancing.


Robert Costello started messing around with electronic music software on his family's desktop computer, mixing poorly recorded guitar and piano loops with electronic beats and basslines. The transition to a live show was a slow one, given that playing over backing tracks was never an option. Sounds of System Breakdown gradually emerged with foot controllers, laptops, hardware synthesisers, wireless keyboards, vocoders, joysticks, infrared LEDs and webcams all making an appearance during live shows. In late 2007, SOSB was one of Connected magazine's top 50 Irish Bands. Recording has begun on an EP and this summer will see SOSB play the Life and Knockanstockan festivals, with the help of a few friends.


No commercial releases yet, but SOSB's music has featured on radio and television.

10 Pack of Johnny Blue: radio and television ads for Connected Magazine and Life Festival

Vinegar Joe: backing track for Phantom FM's live guide.

Jaysyeahaventacluedoyeh: Phantom and Connected Demo of the Month

Set List

Set list 40-50 mins:

10 Pack of Johnny Blue
The Secret's Out
Vinegar Joe
Still Be Bad
The Band Played
Underneath The Floorboards
Love's Only Chemicals