BandR&BHip Hop

Our music and image speaks for itself, with over 3 million spins and thousands of fans on myspace and soundclick, come and listen why many call SOUNDSTAR "The most eccentric group in music today"


Being different and standing out is what makes SOUNDSTAR's music so undeniable. Each member has a unique look, sound, and presence that attract listeners from all walks of life. By writing and producing their own material, SOUNDSTAR is as diverse as they come. It is hard to compare their image and music with any other group on the charts today, but if you had to, they would be somewhere in the vicinity of The Black Eyed Peas after drinking two cans of RedBull. This Miami,FL based group is currently recognized by VidMagazine ( as being; "The hottest group in Miami's music scene", and its for good reason, with close to 3 million spins on myspace and thousands of fans, SOUNDSTAR has sold thousands of CD's without major exposure and is ready for the next stage.




Set List

1-12 songs around 30-45 minutes