If the 80s had an illegitimate love-child with the 90s, it would grow up to be Soundstatues.


Soundstatues is the work of Neil Matharoo, based in Brooklyn.

Programmed beats and synths mix with fuzzed out guitars to create a truly unique sound. The Soundstatues song "Give It Up" has been downloaded over 40,000 times and has been featured on numerous podcasts worldwide.

Fans of the Twilight films created tribute videos using Soundstatues music, and those videos have been viewed over 1.2 MILLION times on YouTube; there are currently over 500 Twilight playlists on YouTube which feature Soundstatues, because people assume this music is on the official soundtrack.

Soundstatues has massive, proven potential for placement in TV, film, and commercials.


Inhumanize (2012)
Play Nice (2013)