Sound Syndicate

Sound Syndicate


Lightning to the balls good! This is what Rock n' Roll is all about! Your ears are hungry, let them inhale Sound Syndicate! Watch this talented high energy trio entertain you through a set of pure drivin' rock sounds and a voice you wont forget. Experience Sound Syndicate! You'll want more!!


Growing up in a place with a nickname "Chemical Valley" fuels the fire for pure, drivin' inspiration. Influenced by the struggles in life and chaos of finding purpose, the music speaks. Now I'm not going to sit here and write a novel but I do have one thing to say...Go see Sound Syndicate play! You'll be leaving with a smile and 2 words in mind.....F%&K YA!!!


Sound Syndicate - Freedom Someone (13 songs)

Set List

Typical set list would be a kick ass set of killer original songs. We play songs off the "Freedom Someone" album: The Top, System Savior, Down Soldier, Ride, Demon, I Noticed I Didn't Know, People, Jack, Head Above, Love, Deceived, Sunday, Habit Time. Also new songs that are sure to rock the crowd. We can play a good solid hour of power.