Sound The Alarm!

Sound The Alarm!


Alt/Rock with a retro vibe. Remember all the "good" eighties bands?


Eric, Darrell and Denis have been inventing "SOUND THE ALARM!" for about 2 years now, working and reworking their mojo. Balancing beautiful hair with captivating melody and super solid rhythm would prove to be challenging at the very least, but the boys were up to the job.

They then contacted Producer/Songwriter Ben Dunk, recorded their first EP and the ball began to roll. But there was still something missing. A void needed to be filled. They needed a fourth member to complete the sound they were looking for. That whole was plugged by a wildman formerly of ROTEP….J.A.M.E.S in early April 2003.

Shortly after they imploded on to the scene by making the cut at the 2003 Rocksearch Finals hosted by 97.7 HTZ FM. Since then they have created quite a buzz in the Golden Horseshoe area, opening for acts like Pilate, Supergarage and many others, have just completed work on a full length record with Dean Malton at Groundloop Studios in Niagara Falls and are looking forward to world domination.

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Introducing...(Independant)- 2002**Recorded with Ben Dunk at Grapevine Records and Iguana Studios. The single "Suffocate" received airplay on 97.7 HTZ FM

Set List

Set List #1
(All Original)

1.Slip Away
4.Tearin' It Up
5.Around The World
6.We're OK
7.The Beach
8.Don't Run
9.The Future
10.I Should Have Known
11. Sooner Than Later
13.U Can't Imagine