Soundtrack for Silent Films

Soundtrack for Silent Films


Vibrant, honest, and fresh, Soundtrack for Silent Films merges organic acoustic pianos, organs, and guitars with the edge of aggressive synth, rhythms, bass, and guitar tones. Add in their catchy pop melodies topped with rich vocal harmony and see if you can get this band out of your head.


Soundtrack for Silent Films started as a solo music project in the makeshift home recording studio of Paul B. Soundtrack's debut album release, The Thief, was a one-man effort consisting of songs written and compiled by the musician over the span of several years.

After the release of the self-recorded album in early 2011, Soundtrack morphed into a full band. The sophomore album, Carbon Copy, recorded at the legendary Inner Ear Recording Studios in Arlington, VA, and released in December of 2011, introduced the additions of Matt Waller, Clay Lord, Andrew Gorski and Bill Ledbetter.

Soundtrack's musical style has been described as a mix between Folk Rock and Indie Pop 'n' Roll.


Carbon Copy