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Miami, Florida, United States

Miami, Florida, United States
Band EDM Reggae


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Fresh Beatz"

Miami's Sounduo is reaching down the throat of bass music and yanking out it's heart and soul. Sorry for the gross visual. Guitarist Will Mills and drummer Zach Morillo take a live approach to wobbly bass and stuttering beats. As part of the run up to AURA Music & Arts Festival, taking place in early March in St. Cloud, Florida, is proud to bring you the latest entry in the Sounduo catalog.

"Zion," is a throwback dub that sounds like a studio jam session between Flying Lotus and "Scratch" Perry. Achy, filtered vocals and ethereal sirens dot the soundscape of lilting drums and warped bass. The result is a haunting medley of glitchy ephemera and old-school dub techniques. One can only imagine the swirling imagery Andrew Byrd, the pair's dedicated visual expert, will lay on top of this chilling number at AURA. - The Untz

"Sounduo - Artist Spotlight"

Sounduo is a collaboration of Zach and Will which brings a live element to what many of us call dubstep or dub hop. Zach plays drums live while Will is behind the computer and guitar. Right now they are located in Miami where they met at The U (University of Miami). Will is originally from DC and Zach from Orlando. They are revolutionizing the game in Miami and proud to give them some light.

These two are bringing to life a new sound to Miami and can’t be happier to hear about them. As I was born and raised in Miami starting a DJ career there can be tough. The market there is one of the toughest and cliche out there. You’ll find your typical big names out there that everyone knows but extremely difficult to find something new and cutting edge in the moment out there. When Sounduo was brought to my attention it gave me hope for the future of Miami. Incorporating live instruments into the dubstep game isn’t a new thing but for Miami this is leaps and bounds compared to what is going on there. You’ll be lucky to find a dubstep producer out there who plays their own material let alone one or two of their tracks when I last was there. After watching a few videos and tracks on soundcloud I had to write about them. These guys are easily the best producers I’ve heard who reside in Miami.

Sounduo plays all originals and would be described as digital dub. They are heavily influenced by dub music and reggae. Now add the electronic vibe of dubstep, throw in some hip-hop beats, add some live musicians, and you’ve got yourself the formula of Sounduo. They are not the only ones doing the live thing as Miami has been curating some other live bands which seem to be uniting, Afrobeta, organicArma, and Telekinetic Walrus and The Pride of Ions.

The thing that got me most excited about Sounduo is that this only means more is to come and the East coast is starting to catch up. I can not tell you how big the contrast is in music compared to the both. Having live electronic groups appearing is just the start but I believe after talking to Zach and Will there is a lot ahead.

Sounduo will be planning a Florida tour in July and expect to hear a lot more from these two. I can’t wait to go back home to Miami to visit and get to kick it with them. After talking to them for awhile over Skype it makes me so happy to have an act like that to support in Miami. I can totally see these guys on the festie circuit real soon. - Afromonk


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