Soundwayve Ent.

Soundwayve Ent.

BandHip Hop

we make go-music. along with soul-slap. our label makes sure we hit'em on all levels. making sure not to stay on one topic.


young black entrepeneurs, who have a deep passion for music. all grew up on real hip-hop like TOO SHORT,2PAC,NWA,LUNIZ,MOBFIGGAZ,& alot of bay talent. I would say SOUNDWAYVE sets they self apart by being trend-breakers,with a whole new sound. We keep it BAY!


"WIT A G", "WHAT U WANNA DO?",LOUNG'N,& "TAKE'N OVER", are tracks I feel is ready for the radio!

Set List

20 min. set, 60 min. set Current hi[-hop rap. & r&b