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"IN Magazine"

Vocalist/guitarist Sativa, guitarist/programmer DD Ehrlich, drummer Tom and local queer rock hero and bassist Clint Yeager (formerly of the band Superfiends) are making a mixture of techno and rock music that sounds as up to the minute as Garbage and as nasty as Static-X- and that's a good thing.
Given the current label interest in the band and the skanky sonic noise heard on their new release, Pucker!, which features Sativa's desperate-to-be-noticed vocals and the Nu-Metal crunch of tunes like "High Strung" and "Memetic Me", they won't be staying a local band for long. SouR's live shows are a powerhouse of rock 'n' roll abandon and have attracted support from the likes of KISS. (the band rejected Gene Simmons' suggestions for a band name, that's how feisty these kids are!) Plus, in a ddition to their music, I like the way Clint spits.
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"Music Dish"

Sour - Exactly What You Think It Is
Gray Goo Transmissions

By: MuzikMan (Associate Writer)

Artist: Sour (
Title: Exactly What You Think It Is
Label: Gray Goo Transmissions
Genre: Rock, Alternative, Punk, Techno

If you look at the cover of this CD, you may feel a little put off; it is a sick representation of what a deranged mind is capable of doing. I remember all the horror stories when I was a kid and the warnings of suspect apples in your trick or treat bag.

Even though Sour tells you its "Exactly What You Think It Is," this really has nothing to do with their music. At least I did not interpret it that way. The lyrics are as advertised…"Parental Advisory/Explicit Content," yet it really is not that bad, although I would not play it for my young children. Beyond that, I had a great time listening to this album.

This is wave-your-clenched-fist-in-the-air music with different slices of the musical pie making up the sum of its parts. You will hear hard rock, alternative, punk and techno all wrapped up and ready to go. With sassy temptress Sativa Novak at the helm of the band, (in addition she plays guitar and keyboards) belting out the sometimes-nasty cut-it-to-the-bone lyrics, they take on an entirely different meaning. In other words, if a man were singing, it would have an entirely different impact. Somehow, Novak can be blatant, down ‘n' dirty, and still have sexual appeal; the music driving her along of course is a major factor in getting her persona over with oomph. "High Strung" was one of my favorites, check out these lyrics…

Uptight, as a life style.
This ain't no mood swing. Cash flow, oh no.
Gotta get some if I'm gonna make you or it.
I need it.

And then on "Money Shots & Write-offs" Novak hisses and spits like a pissed off cobra…

Fuck your worthy cause. I don't give a shit what you believe. Yes, it's all about my crotch. And I think it's time for you to leave.

Ummm, sounds like a woman that knows what she wants! Just a little bit of angst Johnny Rotten style eh? You gotta love it, but in the end…its only grey goo transmissions.

DD Ehrlich (Guitars, Programming, Blips), Clint Yeager (Bass) and Tom Curry (Drums) do a great a job pumping out the power-laden notes for all of those sharp words that come out of Sativa's pretty little mouth. She is chick rocker with gonads!

This music gets your attention and leaves a lasting impression. You will want more…I guarantee it.

- MuzikMan


SouR - EXACTLY What You Think It Is

I can imagine flying through the air in a spaceship shooting lazar beams at robot enemies. This is high intensity Garbage. It totally changed my energy from the second it started. Industrial rock made for soundtracks, the pissed off vocals of Sativa Novak are made to blare in the background while cars explode and femme fetal in leather kick ass. There aren’t any ballads. The most sentimental you can get from this CD is from Track 6. The lyrics are complicated and very thought out, but not cheapened by whining. Unique riffs.

- Komplex




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