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If you're lucky enough to have seen a Source Victoria show, then you already know that the foursome is one of the best alternative bands the Valley has to offer.

If you haven't seen the band yet, you usually have to wait months in between Source Victoria gigs to catch them live.

"We are more and more of the theory that a few shows spread out, like a show every quarter or something - especially locally - suits our schedules," says singer/guitarist Brendan Murphy. "It builds anticipation for shows, and, hopefully, ensures that we get a bunch of people out to see us, because they know that (they) can't catch us next week if they miss that one show."

Fortunately for fans of the band, Source Victoria - which also includes keyboardist/vocalist Jeff Livingston, drummer Darren Henley and Dave Lewis on bass - will perform two shows in one week, a rare occurrence, when they play Modified on Saturday, Dec. 2, and Last Exit Bar and Grill on Friday, Dec. 8.

"At the same time, I have mixed emotions about (playing rarely) because I love to play shows," says Murphy, who formed the band with Livingston and Henley in 2002 after playing in Valley band Deckard. "It is very cathartic for me. There is a fine line between playing too much and playing enough."

The strategy of building anticipation for the band's shows has worked. Whenever Source Victoria plays, a who's who of Valley musicians turns out to see them perform their gorgeous, lush, dreamy alternative pop, with members of critically acclaimed Valley bands Jimmy Eat World, Reubens Accomplice, Ticker Tape Parade and Sweet Bleeders routinely dotting the audience.

"I love that other musicians dig what we are doing - I wouldn't trade that for the world," says Murphy. "But I would also like to have this band more widely known by nonmusicians. Of course, I would like to have the best of both."

The band is working on a new disc that should expand their scope, as their catchy choruses and melodic, layered sound - Source Victoria counts vastly under-appreciated band Talk Talk, Catherine Wheel and The Beatles among their many influences - is ready-made for radio and should have major labels tripping over themselves to sign the band.

"We are all happy to record and make music and play when we can - maybe a gig or two in L.A. or something," Murphy says. "If someone said, 'Hey, we love this song and you are brilliant and don't you want to tour and make a record for a major label?' we would have to consider what that means to us and if we could make a go of it," says Murphy, who is a practicing attorney.

But for now the band is content to build local anticipation for their shows and play just a few times a year to packed clubs.

Says Murphy: "I am glad to hear that people actually want to come and see us play."

- By Chris Hansen Orf (GET OUT)

BAND / sourceVictoria
In a sea of local bands, it’s refreshing to find one that truly stands out. Citing influences such as The Beatles, Radiohead, Elliott Smith and Depeche Mode, sourceVictoria’s sound is so crisp and finely tuned you’d never expect they formed as a quartet just a short while ago. Their self-titled EP has produced such smooth, melodic tunes as “Opportunistic,” which was recently remixed by Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World. Comprised of Brendan Murphy (lead vocals and guitar), Jeff Livingston (piano and synthesizer), Michael Risch (bass) and Darren Henley (drums), sourceVictoria is destined to be a breakout band that gives Thom Yorke and the boys a run for their money. See for yourself at The Trunk Space on June 7.
Band Victorious.
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A couple of other blogs have already posted on Phoenix, Arizona's sourceVictoria, but they've been getting repeat listens on my iPod lately so I thought I'd do my part in letting you guys know about them:


Citing a wide variety of influences, including early Radiohead, Low, and Wilco, to name a few, sourceVictoria makes sweeping, layered indie rock that ranges from catchy and driving (see "Opportunistic", remixed by Jimmy Eat World's Jim Adkins) to hypnotic and dreamy (check out "The Future Falls In Love", probably my favorite track from the EP). And while "Opportunistic" may be the obvious choice for the band's first single, it is the depth of the other tracks on the EP that hint at a band capable of doing great things. Have a listen:

mp3 (follow link)

Opportunistic (Jim Adkins remix) mp3
The Future Falls In Love mp3

Hear more from sourceVictoria on their official website, or on their MySpace page

Get sourceVictoria's debut EP AND a t-shirt for only $10 here.

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self-titled ep -- sourceVictoria

*new lp coming soon*
(mixed by Grammy Award winning engineer - Chris Testa ( Chicks, Jimmy Eat World)



source victoria, known for its impactful live performances, are favorites among musicians in and around the city, including the likes of Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World, who assisted the band to early accolades and attention with a remix of the song "opportunistic."

Now, working with Grammy-award-winning engineer, Chris Testa, (Dixie Chicks, Jimmy Eat World, Switchfoot) who is mixing source victoria’s new record, the band is poised to move to the next level. Singable pop stuctures and melodies married with thoughtful and evocative lyrics (think coldplay, elbow and wilco mixed with low, elliott smith, and talk talk), source victoria makes what has been described by many as "epic pop."