Sour Grapes

Sour Grapes


Foot-tappin', hip-shakin', smile-makin' original music with infectious rhythms and memorable melodies, presented in Modern Vaudeville style. Small band with a big sound. Sour Grapes IS entertainment!


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Sour Grapes is an acoustic duo that serves up infectious beats and a positive attitude. Their eclectic sound, which they describe as “Melting Pot Music”, is, at once, both 100% American and multicultural, and reflects influences which cross world, folk, pop and jazz genres. The band was chosen 2 years in a row as one of “The 14 Best Singer / Songwriters of Greenwich Village” by New York City’s Underground Music Organization. They have opened for such acts as Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks and for Gordon Stone. Combining acoustic guitar, harmonica, dual vocals, congas, and tap shoes (yes, tap shoes!), the result is a full sound and a lively performance designed to get you moving to the beat. And it works!

But don’t just take our word for it.

“There’s a liveliness to your music and that’s what grabbed me in the club when I saw you.”
- Glen Hochstetter, live broadcast, WPKN, Bridgeport

“Not only is Sour Grapes’ music fun, nicely arranged, interesting, but the band exudes a certain spirit that just makes you want to smile and tap along.”
- Paul Cappa, Sound Engineer, Bands on the Road Music showcase

“The overall effect is of a 21st Century vaudeville act, and anyone who can sit through their set without a smile creeping onto their face must be extremely depressed.”
- Alan Civil, Aural Fix Magazine, April 2005

“I gotta tell ya, I saw these folks at CBGBs last year.
They are DIFFERENT. It's the kind of music that has you on your feet and dancing about from the first song.”
- RichS, Long Island Music Coalition

“Thanks for a great evening; although the other groups were well received SOUR GRAPES ruled the evening performances. We truly enjoyed you!!!! I was also planning on passing along your info to our Entertainment & Activities Committee with the idea that you would be an excellent choice for one of our parties.”
- Gail Marotti-Hossan, Canoe Trip Leader, OC Ski Club, Albany


"Hard To Be a Nut" released 2000
"Divine Grind" released 2003
"14 Best Singer/Songwriters of Greenwich Village - 2004" - produced by UMO Music, New York City
"14 Best Singer/Songwriters of Greenwich Village - 2005" - produced by UMO Music, New York City

Set List

Sour Grapes performs original, family friendly acoustic music that will have people of all ages tapping their feet, drumming their fingers, and smiling along. Melodies and rhythms reflect influences from various cultures. Very danceable. Perfect for a festival setting.
We currently have over 2 and 1/2 hours of material, and increasing.