Shambolic indie rock teetering on the edge of disaster with on stage breakdowns disguised as crackerjack moments of transcendence


SourPower is a sour trio who find their musical roots in Boston Mass., Washington D.C., and Jersey City NJ. They formed about a year ago on the lower east side of NYC and soon after found themselves rehearsing in Hoboken, NJ. FUCCB-blue was four-tracked in their [small broom closet] practice space. They produced their first EP with lo-fi simplicity because…well… they’re broke and that’s how the songs were originally created. File under the Fall, Television, Modern Lovers.



Set List

action reaction
Fly if not
Who cares who cares
repeat yourself
old ny
schlock rock dj

(cover songs)
I'm straight - Jonathan Richman
Here - Pavement
Down At The Rock And Roll Club - R. Hell and voidoids
Pay Your Rates - The Fall

The covers are played randomly
set length approx 30-40 minutes