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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Sourpower - FUCCB - Blue"

Sourpower are an indie band from New Jersey. This CD is a four tracker and is sort of music I like to listen to on rainy days or on the way to work. The opener, “Fly-if-not”’s opening line “snap-snap go the doors of success, and I don’t see why it has to do with my dress and I and I and I can’t find the time to stress” is a great way to introduce themselves. You can tell this band is without pretense and have recorded this CD by their own means and to sound like how they actually sound. Lo-fi indie rock.
The second song, “Action/Reaction” is a lot less Pavement sounding than the first song, and it takes on a more Velvet Underground feel, especially with the mumbling vocals and hypnotic guitar strokes. The feel of this is pretty downer, but has that jangly aesthetic which doesn’t let it die.
“Who cares…who cares” keeps the Velvet rock action thing happening, building up to a mean 70’s style wailing guitar solo. “Who cares? I do!” “FUCCB-Blue” continues with almost the same riff I swear. Eric’s vocals are good, but I know a lot of people would see them as drunken babbling. The basslines usually are stagnant throughout each song, but I guess they’re going for the trance-like downer lo-fi indie thing.
For fans of Pavement, Velvet, Dinosaur Jr., and the like. The press kit said file under The Fall, Television and Modern Lovers, but I don’t know those bands. They have a cute drummer, so extra points from me. Not sure if I’ll listen to it too much more in future though. - Screaming Bloody Mess




Feeling a bit camera shy


SourPower is a sour trio who find their musical roots in Boston Mass., Washington D.C., and Jersey City NJ. They formed about a year ago on the lower east side of NYC and soon after found themselves rehearsing in Hoboken, NJ. FUCCB-blue was four-tracked in their [small broom closet] practice space. They produced their first EP with lo-fi simplicity because…well… they’re broke and that’s how the songs were originally created. File under the Fall, Television, Modern Lovers.