SOURTONGUE is a progressive rock outfit of innovative musical energy. Combining various past and present genres of rock with thought provoking lyrics, this New York trio pushes the boundaries of rock & roll to a new level.


From the epicenter of America’s vast hurricane alley three souls have emerged seeking to capture the harsh truths and reality that life has to offer. Through music they communicate what they’ve seen and heard, creating a miasmic sound very few can deny.

SOURTONGUE began in a tiny studio apartment during the fall of 2003 in the Uptown area of New Orleans, Louisiana. It was here where Nick Diaz and long time friend Josh Milligan originally composed, in seven days, the first ten songs the band would use as the foundation for the progressive sound they have now developed. Influenced by traditional roots, singer-songwriter, blues, jazz, folk, early 60’s and 70’s rock and 90’s grunge, SOURTONGUE has often been likened to Rush, Led Zeppelin, and even new prog rockers The Mars Volta.

SOURTONGUE is a band with a large musical spectrum and an even larger sound. They break genre barriers through a combination of musical taste and knowledge intertwined with catchy melodies and thought provoking lyrics. The words speak, the guitars scream, and the drums move.

Through a full schedule, on the road and at home, the band unleashes a relentless live show of musical and spiritual energy that captures the listeners’ attention. With two independent EP’s (The Farm Sessions, the New Songs) and one full-length album ('SOURTONGUE'S Mechanically Grown Society') under their belts, the boys are currently focusing on distributing their records and generating press for the group. With their recent relocation to New York City and with the addition of Alexander Hayes on bass and Nick Diaz taking over lead vocal duties, the group looks towards an even brighter future.

Free from restriction and societal norms, SOURTONGUE enthusiastically and nomadically spreads their music around the country. As their lives and music harmoniously weave in and out of genre and melodies, SOURTONGUE is left only to follow time, like notes on a staff.


The Farm Sessions: Independent Release 2004
The New Songs: Independent Release 2005
SOURTONGUE's Mechanically Grown Society: Independent Release 2006
sourtongue: Independent Release 2007

Set List

Available for acoustic or electric performances.

Songs from SOURTONGUE'S "Mechanically Grown Society"

The Waltz
My Worthy Epitaph
Crimson Sun
Same Day
Bury the Past
Still Awake
Sing the Line

Currently performing original songs from their original releases.

Set length of 30 minutes to an hour, but can easily perform for 2 1/2 hours.

Covers by the The Police, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, etc.