Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

melancholic alternative pop tunes


Sourya has become one of the most anticipated bands to emerge from France and its blossoming Parisian electro scene. Their sound is not to be confused with the guitar lead bands we are hearing at the moment, and were described in NME as "purveyors of resplendent and soulful electronica."
Formed in late 2006 having met at the infamous Shebeen in Paris, Sourya talents did not go unnoticed and they were brought to the attention of Universal publishing who were overwhelmed by the freshness of the Sourya sound. They have been championed by Alan McGee (Creation Records) as the "most successful band to come out of France in the last 20 years."


- 2006 Sourya / Love Song E.P. - Coming Soon (Pop Records)
(track Numero 1 was on heavy rotation on Radio Nova, France)

- 2009 Sourya / Anatomy Domine E.P. (CTRL ALT DELE RECORDS)
with remixes from Prince Language (DFA records) and Talk Machine

- 2009 Sourya / Dawdlewalk (Industry of Cool)
First L.P. Track Stockholm 1973 was playlisted on most of the major indie radios in France).

-2010 Sourya / Star Gigolos E.P.