Southbound Underground

Southbound Underground


"A foot kickin' flatpickin' cow tippin' good time" Southbound Underground is a Boston-based acoustic roots and rock band specializing in bluegrass and psychedelic county


Co-founders Andy Keathley and Ben Jarred formed Southbound Underground in late 2006 while studying at Berklee College of Music. Both hailing from the south, the relationship between Andy and Ben was spontaneous the first night they played together. "I remember it pretty vividly," recalls Andy, "It was a blistering cold Boston winter night. Ben came over to my apartment and we huddled near the furnace with our guitars. Right as we started strumming our guitars I knew we had something special. It was almost as if we had been playing together all of our lives."

Since that dreary winter night, Southbound Underground has grown into something much more notable. The band has progressively been recruiting new members into the group, adding a variety of different instruments. "Acquiring additional members and instruments has been great for the band," Ben comments, "It has given Southbound a truly unique bluegrass sound."

Southbound Underground's sole priority is live playing. The group has been making their way up the Boston circuit playing venues that include Harper's Ferry, Bill's Bar, and The Greatest Bar. Southbound Underground continues to gig in the Boston scene, increasing their fan base, but hopes to expand around the greater New England area.


Southbound Underground's debut CD set to be released this coming spring!

Set List

1)Pink Lemonade
2)Lord, I'm Not A Bettin' Man
3)Minor Swing
4)Monroe's Hornpipe
5)Died In Memphis
6)Nine Pound Hammer
7)Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man
8)Feast Here Tonight
9)Ring of Fire

Estimated Set list time: 45 min to 1 hour