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Southcidal is the most controversial rap group since N.W.A., hands down. The brave honesty of their lyrics have many freightened. The musical arrangements are epic, cutting-edge, melodic masterpieces that can make you bounce and make you cry. Strictly for the gees in the hood, sorry suburbs.


Southcidal, is the latest Hip Hop group from the South to hit the scene. Southcidal consist of three New Orleans natives DaBombay, TeeToTheThirdPower and Profhit. Like many other southern acts, Southcidal uses hype, bass heavy beats to get the crowd's adrenaline pumping. What separates Southcidal from the rest is the depth and creativity of their lyrical content. While many other southern rap acts opt to use simplified lyrical content, Southcidal thrives on taking the listener deeper and covering a wider range of topics of discussion.

The group was originally founded during the late 90s and consisted of 5 members. Profhit, T3,Bombay, SunKiss and Kwik. Unfortunately, Sunkiss was gunned down at an Uptown New Orleans block party. The devastation of the tragedy was too much for Kwik who left the group shortly thereafter and relocated to Philly.

Southcidal is still alive and kicking. After tearing up the Uptown New Orleans street with the underground mixtape "Bagdhad-Iraq" Southcidal was creating a serious buzz. Then Hurricane Katrina hit forcing Profhit to relocate to Raleigh, NC and Bombay and T3 to Jackson, MS.

The group's latest offering "Home Sick" is currently in the process of being completed.

If you're looking for dope, southern lyrics over melodic, soulful beats Southcidal is the what you need.


"Shittin On Top of The World" - 1999.

"Bagdhad Iraq Mixtape" - 2005.

"Home Sick" - Fall of 2007

Set List

If Ain't N.O.Vative - 4.5 minutes

Nothing To A Giant - 4 minutes

Shoot Me Down - 5 minutes

Silent Fucking - 5 minutes