Southern Backtones

Southern Backtones

 Houston, Texas, USA

"Engaging live shows with an adoring crowd screaming their songs" Southern Backtones are psychedelic voodoo rock with elements of Brit Pop, Spaghetti Western Psycho-billy and a splash of Surf Music.


Southern Backtones have achieved a global notoriety with an eclectic hybrid of sounds and art. Their award winning music and videos have been aired on MTV2, and CNBC, as well as a Levi's commercial and a University of Houston Basketball spot. Their songs are featured on several soundtracks including "Drop Dead Sexy" starring Crispin Glover and Jason Lee, "Honky Tonk Blood" Soundtrack and the Texas surf documentary "Aint No Surf in Texas." Successful radio campaigns have lead to spreading airplay over the entire United States, Mexico and Canada as well as overseas with hotspots in Germany and England.

No two Backtones shows are the same. The mood of the venue will determine the songs pulled from their deep bag of style and influence... One night may start with a groove of original music and end with wild versions of Rolling Stones, Elvis or Blondie songs. There may be trumpet, a violin, female back-up singers, or just the power trio making the appearance. Regardless of the line-up or the venue, the Backtones will get em swaying and rocking coast to coast, from LA to NYC.

The band borrows from the following greats... Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, Blondie, The Doors, Pulp, the Ventures, The Misfits, Johnny Cash, David Bowie, and Chris Isaak.

“Cinematic songs begging for a movie to live up to their promise.” San Francisco Bay Times

“Brooding paeans to loves won, lost, and unrequited infused with smart, poppish melodies. The only way some of this stuff could get any beautifully darker is if it grew black wings and flew away.” Fort Worth Weekly

“Southern Backtones is not Southern rock. It is a sea of expansive, dark rock with the unmistakable, vampy touch of David Bowie and the indigo mood of Echo & the Bunnymen.” Houston Chonicle

“The musicianship and songwriting are top notch… Highly recommended.” (Canada)

“The songs are rich-sounding, well-crafted rockers with plenty of rootsy and modern influences. But the lyrics are provocative and thoughtful in surprising ways.”

“This moody, ethereal retro-tinged modern hard rock act (think U2, Nick Cave, The Cult) from Houston, seems primed for massive underground success.”

WINNERS: “Best Traditional Rock” 2006. Houston Press
WINNERS: “Best Traditional Rock” 2007. Houston Press
Nominated “Best Song-writer” 2008. Houston Press
WINNERS: “Best Local Band"
WINNERS: “Best Local Vocalist"

Southern Backtones have reinvented themselves with each of their CD’s:

2012: Southern Backtones 4th album "La Vie En Noir" which fuses the best parts of the prior three albums with the Backtones mature voodoo-rock sound into a delightful psychedelic, Spaghetti Western patois.

The third album, simply self-titled “Southern Backtones” (2007): A dark cinematic embracing of Brit-pop and psychedelia in a philosophical search for more bohemian influences. Songs “Forever” and “Everything” were featured in the indie feature film “Drop Dead Sexy” starring Jason Lee and Crispin Glover. Music Video “Forever” (produced by Zenfilm) has had international airplay on MTV2, MuchMusic Canada, CNBC and more.

The Formula (2002): A furious denial and overthrow of the pearl button, greaser-roots-rock heritage. Punk-ish songs of superficial lust gone wrong dove-tailed with South-of-the-border, Tex-Mex crooners.

“Los Tormentos de Amor” (1998): Clever surf-punk ditties played with precocious passion, all owing allegiance to a strong “whatever-a-billy” or “Spaghetti Western” influence. Quite the classic, the album has become an underground jewel and sells for upwards of one hundred bucks.


Los Tormentos de Amor (Debut Album)
The Formula (Second Album)
The Blue EP
Southern Backtones (Third Album)
Unreleased Studio Tracks EP (Fall 2010)
Honky Tonk Blood Soundtrack (2011)
La Vie En Noir (2012)

The first album is rare and available on Amazon or Ebay, usually at rather high prices which is a nice compliment. The more recent work is easy to find on most major online music stores.

Over the years we have received quite a bit of airplay usually peaking around the album releases but some tunes take on a life of their own and run in recurrent rotation here and there.

Many music streaming sites feature our work... just google.

Set List

A typical SBT set is 80% original, there are one or two covers on our past albums and we might do a cover of the stones, Blondie, Johnny Cash or Dean Martin

We can play as short or as long as you like. What do you need?