SouthernBoi Entertainment

SouthernBoi Entertainment

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High Energy..Amazing Preformance!!!! U GOTTA SEE FOR YOURSELF!!! Down South Rap Label (Mississippi)


SouthernBoi Ent est. 2001

BigT & Webb are co-ceo/artist/radio personality /management

-BigT hails from Port Gibson, MS, aka (P.G.), which at that time was known for its southern hospitality and good food, but also for its poverty,gangs,and ongoing drug wars. BigT was able to not to fall prey like so many others that came before him. He has landed in places such as Baton Rouge,Louisville, and even as far as Chicago in his quest for finiancial suscess which eventually landed him on the east coast where he met his patner in crime....Webb in late 1999.

-Webb, the youngest in the group,comes from Hagerstown,Md/Martinsburg,WV. Webb was already deep in the streets at a early age when they cross paths. Webb story is no different. Single mom, constant pressure to get paid and only a few options available, they decided to turn the street hustle into a corprate hustle.

During their run,they was able to pull off the ultimate hustle........SURVIVE!!!!
To their credits they founded:
SouthernBoi Ent. (indie label) 2001
Getcha Paper Publishing (ASCAP) 2003
"Da SouthernBoi Hr" 89.7FM (WSHC) 2004



Written By: S.B.E.


We In Da Last Dayz 2002
Missing Episode Vol1 2004
Young Pimpin Da Mixtape 2006
Ah Hustlers Dream 2007
Seed Of The Sign 2008

Set List

varies on time slot