Southern Boulevard

Southern Boulevard

 Youngstown, Ohio, USA

Southern Boulevard is Ohio's fastest rising Country Duo. With a hit single, a Self Titled Nashville Cut EP, and over 60 original songs, the sky is the limit for this Country Duo. In the past year they have played across 6 states, opened for National Acts, and worked with Nashville's best musicians.


The duo consists of two young men hailing from two completely different backgrounds. Tommy Smolko, the singer and heart of the duo, comes from Youngstown, a city in Northeast Ohio. An entertainer he is.In fact, Tommy has been entertaining on local stages and on screen since the age of five. Now, with his entire life in the steel city of Youngstown and college days to draw on, Tommy has been writing. His lyrics are raw and bring a new edge to an old sound. While Tommy always keeps the heart of the duo beating, Guitarist Dan Shreve keeps it's head on straight. Coming from the small town of Perry, Ohio Dan Shreve keeps the duo "Always in Jefferson County". Growing up on a farm, Dan is no stranger to hard work and uses that same character and mentality to push the duo. You can be certain it won't be long until you hear the sounds of Dan's acoustic guitar humming through your local juke box.
This past year has been a whirlwind. On our most recent trip to Nashville we had the privilege to collaborate with some of the greatest musicians that Nashville has to offer. Amongst them Mike Johnson, Kevin Grantt, Mike Spriggs, James Mitchell, Scott Williamson, and Jon Jarvis; these guys quickly became new friends, and mentors to the boys of Southern Boulevard. Rodney Ingle, Mike Peck and Ernie Rowell also played a major role in the boys development down in Nashville by producing and engineering their freshly cut studio EP.


Single "Live Free", "Southern Boulevard EP"

Set List

Our sets are generally 1 hour sets with 20 minute breaks and fills a 4 hour time slot in most shows. For opening acts we can accommodate what ever time is needed, or extend the show as needed from the stage with just a signal from from you. Songs that you can expect to hear are.....A vast catalog of old and new Country Hits, as well as a growing catalog of Original Songs.