Southern Crossing

Southern Crossing

 Stephenville, Texas, USA

Southern Crossing consists of four very talented musicians that bring a new fresh sound to the Texas Country music scene. The bands raw edgy sound is influenced by country, rock, blues, bluegrass, jazz, and scaw. Everyone is sure to dance and have a good time when Southern Crossing takes the stage


The story of Southern Crossing goes back to all of the members growing up in musically gifted families. Ben Dunlap has been involved in music ever since his dad taught him a few chords on the guitar when he was young. John Schuman has a little more impressive story having learned all of his instrument on his own. The Stripling brothers have the most experience in the band. Being the oldest members they both attended The Berkely School of Music in Boston Massachusettes after high school and a very well respected musicians in any scene. Influences for all of the members range from all genre's of music from the greats like Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Eagles, Eric Clapton, ZZ Top and Lynrd Skynrd. To the unique unknowns such as John Young and Daniel Lopez.
Southern Crossing is different from the rest of the pack because not only are all of the members great at their craft but also you will not find a nicer set of fellows. Genuine and honest this band is not your normal set of rebelious musicians but very nice gentlemen.


Change My Mind was our first single and opened several doors and saw many airwaves. It has since been replaced by our new single "Count on You" which has reached higher elevations and has been played on more than twice as many radio stations.

Set List

Our sets are typically 2 and a half hours but we are more than prepared to go longer. Consisiting of 60/40 mix of original to covers. Here is an example of our setlist that we will be playing this weekend.

Count on You
Hard to handle by Ottis Redding
Change My Mind
Caught up in a Dream
Who'll Stop the Rain Creedance Clearwater Revival
Solid Ground
Can't You See Allman Brothers
Feel Like Making Love Bad Company
Cradle to the Grave
What If
Rocky Mountain Way by Joe Walsh
Ressurection by Wade Bowen
Into Oblivion
Blood on my Strings
Stronger than me
Proud Mary by Creedance Clearwater Revival
Already Gone by the Eagles
Favorite Pain
Lies to Me
She Can't Stand to Be alone
Rockstar by Nickelback