Southern Crush

Southern Crush


Ball Busting, Grab you by the throat, Rock and Roll! How do you make a three piece band sound like a five piece? Put Southern Crush in front of you. All original and off the beaten track. Back to real rock and roll. Powerful and sexy vocals backed by a down and dirty, full raw sound.


Three Musicians, One Mission, Pure Rock!!

Southern Crush is on the move and building a fan base faster than they can keep up with. In the summer of 2006 they were awarded back to back, “Best Original Band” at the Harley Davidson Battle of the Bands. First, in Roswell, Ga., and again in Chattanooga, Tn. This aint no kiddie rock... Pure magic happens when these three rockers jump up on stage. Southern Crush has managed to capture the sound of old school, hard driving rock and roll with a southern backbone that is updated to today’s sounds. Strong story telling lyrics, melodies and hooks are the character of every song written and performed by this motivated band.

Rhonda Giarraffa, lead vocals and guitar, grabs the crowd by the throat with her chameleon voice. Slammin’ rasp and guttural force bolts out to the crowd and then backs it up with a sultry sexy tone. Her guitar work is just as powerful as her head bangs along with the power riffs and tasty lead fills all intertwined. Gyro, drummer extraordinaire; crashes out with a thundering roar of heart pounding recklessness. Non stop action as sweat and sticks fly out to the crowd; he holds the ears with no mercy and no apologies. Mitch Marcello, bass master, stomps the stage with hard hitting intimidating deep thumps that command nothing less than a take no prisoners approach and then throws a powerful lead in, to grab from a different angle.

Southern Crush is a self promoting machine that the club owners welcome with open arms. The latest EP, titled “Twice As Hard” produced by award winning Alan Shacklock, was released in late August 2006. The Full length CD is scheduled for release late 2007, under the Rutt Row Record Label. Tracks from the EP have been posted on the bands web site as well as and have already received rave reviews from the fans as well as Clear Channel Fm, Private, College and Online radio stations.

Member BMI


Marking Time

Written By: Rhonda Giarraffa

See the child in the street.
He's just marking time.
Mr. could you please, Could you spare a dime.
Man turns his heart to stone,
go on kid now just get on home and he walked on by. He just walked on by.

Child bows his head.
He felt the chill run through his bone.
Can't do what the iceman say's.
Cause he aint got no home.
Child wipes his tears aside, but that hunger takes him for a ride.
And he walked on by, he just walked on by.

And he won't eat tonight, and he misses his mama so.
There aint no hope in sight.
But he'll keep tryin lord.
Even though they walk on by.
They just walk on by.

See the child in the street.
He's just making time.

Lyrics and Melody written by:
Rhonda Giarraffa
Performed by Southern Crush
Member: BMI


EP- "Marking Time" 2004 (7 tracks)
EP- "Twice as Hard" 2006 (5 tracks)
LP- Nov. 2007

Set List

Rock Tonight
Apple Pie
Marking Time
Bluelight Special
Swamp Slidin
Do it Again
Zombie (cover)
Mothers Smile
Perfect Life
I Drink