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"This is Rock & Roll!"

Review for "Did Ja Think" off the "Marking Time" CD
Okay, so this is what all the wannbe nu metal groups are supposed to sound like. Ass kicking, death dealing, blood letting rock & roll! A Benetar/ Aerosmith frightfest! THIS IS ROCK & ROLL! DAMN! --DC,,
- DC, S.W. Records

"Listen to This Group Often!"

Review of "Marking Time" CD.

HOT DAMN!! Look out Susan Tedeschi and get out of the way Debbie Coleman. This girl has pipes!! I went to listen to one song and listened to three. I will be recommending this group to everyone I know. To the members/and or managers of this group I have just two words, Blind Pig. Get there and don't give up until they hear you. I personally feel the best performance was Martini Blues. Good opportunity to show the power. And it definitely shows.
- G.W.,K.G.Group

"Great Job Southern Crush!"

If you ever wondered what a good band sounds like, I have the answer for you right here in this track I am reviewing. "Did Ja Think". The music/instruments are played to perfection. As you get into this song you will realize that this is not really Southern Rock at all. It's border line hard rock, in my opinion. Let me tell you something about the vocals: the lady who sings this little tune is just absolutely perfect. I also love the back up vocals.(probably done by the same vocalist!).Love the song and the way it was presented. The music is good, the vocals are even greater!This tunes(in my book) Great Job, Southern Crush!! Mike k.,
- Mike-K Soundclick

"Southern Crush"

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"Twice As Hard EP Review"

Review of Southern Crush's "Twice As Hard"
Welllll........reviewing Southern Crush's "Twice as Hard" presents a sort of a problem..... You see it is hard to review a cd by a female led band without appearing sexist or cliched..... But anyway, here goes the gator on the prowl. From the opening sexy purr of "I Drink": "I drink and I smoke/ I'm gonna roll another toke/ Now baby you ain't seen nothing yet/ Light 'em up/ strike a buzz/ I'll pick a fight just because"..... I'm sorry guys, call it sexist, but sexy comes to mind. The lead singer sounds like Shania Twain cuttin' loose on a whiskey binge and just lettin' all hang out. This is what ol' Shania would have sound like if Mutt Lange had stuck to his AC/DC roots. Rhonda the lead singer even does a Bon Scott type "someone pour me a shot" at the end of "I Drink." Call me cliched but this is Skynyrd meets AC/DC southern fried classic rock and roll.
"Apple Pie" is southern fury as the band rips on a Led Zepplin-ish hard rocker. You have to feel sorry for the other two members in the band: these guys can play but are overshadowed by the great frontperson. The singer has the look (sorry, the gator got sexist again) and is actually the best female vocalist this ol' alligator has heard in many a day. This girl rises over the top of the typical Heart comparsions that any female singer has to endure. Yes, female singers have to be compared to the Wilson sisters or Pat Benetar ( I think it's some kind of law) but believe me this gal can more than handle her own. And the band: they rock!
"Blue Light Special" is more Led Zep type rock in the vein of "Rock n' Roll". Fast, sleek, and powerful- this band cruises through this fun romp and if you say you are not impressed by the vocals on this song: then you are flatout lying. One of the best female (ouch! sexist again) vocal efforts I've heard in a while.
The bottom line is this is great fun. The only down side to this cd is that it is an ep - just 5 songs and one is 47 seconds so there is really just 4 cuts. You better believe the postman will be comin' to the swamp when a full length offering is served up. The four songs have plenty of enough power to get ya rockin' and keep ya in a frenzied state. This is classic rock with a southern touch and something gives me a lil' taste of country, not sure why because this is full of Zep-ish riffs! check'em out at or their myspace page I guess it's becoming cliched that every indie review hails the featured indie band as the next big thing but if that's the case then call me as cliched as the rain, because this band has it all! There, I'll stop before I become anymore sexist or cliched sounding. Just hear for yourself.
Alligator Jackson
- Alligator Jackson


EP- "Marking Time" 2004 (7 tracks)
EP- "Twice as Hard" 2006 (5 tracks)
LP- Nov. 2007



Three Musicians, One Mission, Pure Rock!!

Southern Crush is on the move and building a fan base faster than they can keep up with. In the summer of 2006 they were awarded back to back, “Best Original Band” at the Harley Davidson Battle of the Bands. First, in Roswell, Ga., and again in Chattanooga, Tn. This aint no kiddie rock... Pure magic happens when these three rockers jump up on stage. Southern Crush has managed to capture the sound of old school, hard driving rock and roll with a southern backbone that is updated to today’s sounds. Strong story telling lyrics, melodies and hooks are the character of every song written and performed by this motivated band.

Rhonda Giarraffa, lead vocals and guitar, grabs the crowd by the throat with her chameleon voice. Slammin’ rasp and guttural force bolts out to the crowd and then backs it up with a sultry sexy tone. Her guitar work is just as powerful as her head bangs along with the power riffs and tasty lead fills all intertwined. Gyro, drummer extraordinaire; crashes out with a thundering roar of heart pounding recklessness. Non stop action as sweat and sticks fly out to the crowd; he holds the ears with no mercy and no apologies. Mitch Marcello, bass master, stomps the stage with hard hitting intimidating deep thumps that command nothing less than a take no prisoners approach and then throws a powerful lead in, to grab from a different angle.

Southern Crush is a self promoting machine that the club owners welcome with open arms. The latest EP, titled “Twice As Hard” produced by award winning Alan Shacklock, was released in late August 2006. The Full length CD is scheduled for release late 2007, under the Rutt Row Record Label. Tracks from the EP have been posted on the bands web site as well as and have already received rave reviews from the fans as well as Clear Channel Fm, Private, College and Online radio stations.

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