Southern Discomfort

Southern Discomfort


Taking old school blues and rock influences, too an appreciated new form of blues,hard rock chilled heavy underground music paying homage to the great rock legends! Think DOWN, Black Sabbath, Stoner Rock, Doom, Jazz - Anything!


Formed in 2010. Sick of the scene where metal bands only want to be Thrash metal or Lamb of God/Pantera/BLS Tribute bands essentially. Influenced by the South of USA blues and stoner rock mixed with 70s rock, blues and jazz adding to a heavy doom metal variety. Southern Discomfort aims to those who appreciate the old school ways of woodstock mixed with those who like to go absolutely mental, but in a different way. Mixing anything from Jazz from the 1930's and New Orleans Jazz, to blues, to hard rock, to punk, to Doom metal and stoner.

We may not go a million miles per hour, we may not play the most technical riffs and shred like Dream Theatre, but we aim to stand out and be heard. Our band has been appreciated by non metal fans and extreme metal fans. That is how we roll!


Releasing it's first EP for 2012