Southern Drive

Southern Drive


Take a ride...


CD Release Event At HOUSE OF BLUES in Dallas, TX March 1, 2008

The Texas Red Dirt Music Spotlight Artist for November

Finalist in Shiner Bock's RISING STAR Concert Series! (24 bands selected in the state of Texas)

Finalist in 95.9 FM The Ranch (Fort Worth, TX) Pickin' Party Contest

People have tried to classify Southern Drive's sound after experiencing a night with the boys, and some of them have gotten pretty creative. Imagine a cross between Willie Nelson and OAR, add a hint of Blues Traveler and a pinch of Dispatch, pay homage to Johnny Cash and Neil Diamond, and you will find a group that is following in the footsteps of Randy Rodgers and Reckless Kelly. These are the sounds that have formed over the course of Southern Drive's existence, while maintaining a uniqueness that has earned them loyal followers. Originally founded by Donnie Rex and KG in October of '05, the band has come a long way, gaining valuable members, friends, fans and fanatics. All compadres from before the band, the group has morphed to include a mixture of passionate life-time musicians that has enabled the band to transition from initially working various small bars playing open mic nights to bigger and better things. As they moved their way up, original music began to emerge, launching them toward their newest baby: TAKE A RIDE to be released in spring of '08. Currently playing various medium and large venues on a regular basis, the band is constantly working on new songs and expanding their playing radius to include more cities. Let's meet the boys:

***Donnie Rex*** Small town kid born in Northern Oklahoma (Enid). Loves the simple side of life, like a cold Keystone Light or bottle of Jack. Spends most of his days either fishing or play'n guitar. Loves his dog Rascal, his two crazy sisters, and his parents (Moma J and Big Mike). Oh ya and he was raised by a pack of wild dogs. NOW GIVE ME THAT COWBELL!!! "Always be thankfull for where you are, but never forget where you came from...''

***Kevin Garinger*** Grew up in Abiline TX off Buffalo Gap road playin with snapping turtles down the street from the water tower and the Methodist Church. Family picnics are the best, expecially the 4th of July in Edmond with the grandparents and then on to Guthrie for our own personal fireworks show put on by the Uncle. Lake Murray trips and jumpin off the waterfalls in Sulfur OK. Played trumpet in the band in highschool and college including jazz, orchestra, marching, basketball, chior, and various other performances. Got a degree from OU and now is a nerd with a rockstar hobbie. One good quote "On Judgement Day everyone will be held accountable for every permissable thing they could have enjoyed but didnt."

***Jarrod Fresquez*** City boy raised to be a cowboy, he spent his summers growing up on his father's ranch rounding up cattle on horse back with a bunch of Spanish vaqueros in a little town called Picacho, NM (population 64). Jack of all trades, master of none when it comes to music: played violin, viola, cello, and piano as a kid; all-region french horn player through high school and also toured the nation with Drum Corps International placing 14th in a worldwide competition; raised hell blaring on the trumpet in the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band; now is a loan officer by day and rockstar by night. He drinks tequila like it might run dry, two steps like it might be his last, howls when the moon is full, and loves like there's no tomorrow. His motto to live by: "We are constantly invited to become who we are." -Thoreau

***Colin Boyd*** Mr. Boyd entertains people with his music – not just dance moves, flashy costumes, or nightclub hijinks. He sticks to writing world-famous chart-topping hits like “Flutter” (popularized by Jack Ingram) and brightening the nights of Dallas audiences eight days a week. Colin Boyd always delivers quality musicianship, engaging melodies, and great stories in song. A live music Dallas icon and mentor to the band, he steps up to the plate hefting a mean Telecaster axe and swings for the fences. This man shreds on lead guitar and is a welcome addition to the ensemble.

***Joel McKreary*** Enid, OK originally raised. A professional chef, he blazes on the drums at night as hot as the fire he works with during the day.

***Rob Goble*** Pretty simple really. Plays the big strings. Grew up in Broken Arrow outside city limits. Likes bass, sports, beer, poker. Stands in the back laying down a sweet bass line, this guy was too cool for school he graduated early with a masters. If you cut him, he bleeds cool.

***Taylor McKreary*** Imported from Oklahoma, he is the newest part-time member to the Southern Drive family.


Our resume of venues:

House of Blues Dallas, TX
Adairs Dallas, TX
Suede Dallas, TX
City Tavern Dallas, TX
Club DADA Dallas, TX
Liquid Lounge Dallas, TX
Dyer Street Bar Dallas, TX
Barley House Dallas, TX
Shuck & Jive Dallas, TX
Green Elephant Dallas, TX
Greenville Avenue Jazz Dallas, TX
Big Johnson's Beer Garden Dallas, TX
Gingerman Dallas, TX
Rock House Live Addison, TX
Big Apple Arlington, TX
Railhead Ft. Worth, TX
8.0 Ft. Worth, TX
Hat Tricks Lewisville, TX
Sunset Bar Denton, TX
Broadway Bistro Carrollton, TX
T-Bone's Denison, TX
Loose Wheels Denison, TX
Scruffy Murphy's Waco, TX
The Iguana Bar (Lake Travis) Austin, TX
Zapatos College Station, TX
Classics Oklahoma City, OK
Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill Oklahoma City, OK
Wormy Dog Oklahoma City, OK
Moosehead Lodge Enid, OK
Roosters Stillwater, OK
Bricktown Ballroom Oklahoma City, OK
Boca Seca Saloon Antlers, OK
(Festival) Kooterfest Ardmore, OK
(Festival) SMU's Rockin' for the Cause Dallas, TX
(Festival) Black and Red Wichita Falls, TX

Artists Southern Drive has played with or opened for:

Cross Canadian Ragweed
Reckless Kelly
Hayes Carll
Speed Trucker
Mark David Manders
Gary P. Nunn
Bonnie Bishop
Todd Fritsch
Jason Eady
Darren Kozelsky
Mike Mancy
Barton Crow
Gary Kyle
Travis Linville
Rich O'Toole
Mama Sweet
Johnny Cooper
Steven Pointer
Austin Collins
Alligator Dave
Colin Boyd
Christen Cross
Nate Kipp

Set List

We alter our setlist to accomodate the crowd response, venue and set time, mixing our own originals in with popular covers. We have the ability to bring as much energy to our acoustic performances as we do our full band rock shows. We get people drinking, dancing and singing every time.