Southern Fried Funk

Southern Fried Funk


A blues-funk/ rock/ jam-band that is composed of young musicians who are extremely skilled. Known for blending blues, funk, psychedelia, rock, and much more, Southern Fried Funk, brings a highly enegetic, never too avant-garde, and always entertaining performance to venue they perform.


Southern Fried Funk, a blues-funk/ rock/ jamband based in Union County, New Jersey, began playing together in the end of 2005. Founders and guitarists, Daniel Zavaro and Andrew Gialanella, who had been playing together since their early childhood, began playing with drummer Alex Bubnov in 2005. Eventually, in the end of the year, bassist, Julian Applebaum, joined the band and together they gave the ensemble the name Southern Fried Funk. Influenced by bands such as the Allman Brothers Band, Funkedelic, Santana, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink Floyd, and the Derek Trucks Band, Southern Fried Funk has created an extremely unique and enjoyable style. Starting out playing local events, Southern Fried Funk made it clear that they were a band full of talent, youth, and energy. After avid practicing, performing, and recording in 2006 and 2007, Southern Fried Funk made a serious mark on their resume when they opened up for The Derek Trucks Band, Mountain, The Machine, and Almost Queen, all in 2008. Each performance was at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey, where they performed in front of crowds of 750 to 1000 people and stole the show. Also in 2008, Southern Fried Funk recorded their second self-produced album, “No Time To Compromise,” which demonstrates their versatility, virtuosity, and vibrant energy. Southern Fried Funk is quickly moving up the ladder as it grabs the attention of listeners from all around the tri-state area. Southern Fried Funk continues to push forward and leave a mark on the music world.


Southern Fried Funk I (LP)
No Time To Compromise (LP)
(New Album in the works)

All are available on iTunes and Rhapsody!

Set List

Our set lists are extremely versatile and flexible in order to easily meet certain taste of the particular audience.

One example, when we opened up for the Derek Trucks Band we played a 35 minute set....

1. Heading Downtown (original)
2. Done My Time (original)
3. No Time To Compromise (Original)
4. Funkify Me Captain (Original)
5. Soul Sacrifice (Santana Cover)

We can play a set from as short as 15 minutes to as long as 2 and half hours. And are not adverse to any set time we are given.

We cover various classic rock songs. Audience favorites include, "Whipping Post" by the Allman Brothers Band, "Soul Sacrifice" by Santana, and "Time" by Pink Floyd.