Southernized is something that someone experiences through heart and soal. With hard driving riffs and meaningfull lyrics, it is without a dought my favorite music


Look people… a little about the band! .One member can legally drink, and all three can die for their country.

Matt Fields rips the lead guitar and belts out a tune or two. Josh Haynie is the lead singer, bangs a thumping bass, and slices up some rhythm. Last but not least is Ryan “Tappy Tappy” Price, the heartbeat of the band. Tappy burns up the drums, and picks a mean guitar. All three collaborate to create music that capture moments of time.

Matt, Tappy, and Josh grew up together in North Georgia and the sound of Southernized was born. The Southernized family is quite large and grows every time they play. Whether there plugged up cranking out righteous rock and roll or hanging out on the back porch picking guitars just chillin, they draw a crowd and welcome all.

Southernized is really a feeling……a way of life if you will. Oh, and by the way …..These boys can play!

Bio By:
Olin S. Cofer


We recently recorded an album called "Southernized Black and White" just as a starter album. we hope to make another recording in the future

Set List

We really don't have a defined set list. We are usually told how long to play and interact with the crowed. Usually play what we feel. A good 85 to 90 percent of our performances are originals, but we have a few good covers to throw in the mix. On average our shows are 2 hours but we sometimes play longer depending on the crowed