Southern Lush

Southern Lush


With a blend of southern rock and metal, Southern Lush is a hard hitting power groove metal band. This music will grab the attention of people who love all types of music. Screaming solos along with powerful vocals and rhythms is something to be expected in every Southern Lush song.


Southern Lush was started in August of 2004, when Zak Pickering and Beau Thompson were looking for a guitarist to form a band. They came across Dan "Pie" Miller, an old high school friend of Zaks, and decided to jam out and see what would happen. It didnt take too long before the 3 were making songs and practicing on a weekly basis. After a little while, they decided it was time to start on a demo. Beau would become the singer to Southern Lush during the first session of demo recording. Beau had came to the conclusion that playing the bass and singing at the same time would not work for him. So they made a call to another old high school friend to play the bass, Cary Nysveen (aka Potter). Since that time, the foursome managed to make the transition from a 3 man band to an explosive 4 man group. All members growing up and hailing from the blue collar area of Tulsa Ok.


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Set List

We have played shows as short as 30 mintues up to all night (3 hours with breaks in between). All our songs run between 3 and 5 minutes. We do cover a couple of songs depending on the situation. Usually heavy rock or metal groups as Pantera, Deftones and Led Zeppelin among others.