Southern Reverb

Southern Reverb

 Houston, Texas, USA

Southern Reverb delivers a fresh sound derived from a blend of southern rock, blues, americana, grunge and pop propelled by driving rhythms, high-energy riffs, great harmonies and slide guitar presented in polished, yet spontaneous and exciting performances.


Southern Reverb delivers a potent blend of Southern Americana focused on the lost art of actually writing good songs. The members of Southern Reverb have been lighting up the stages of Texas & Oklahoma together and separately for over 15 years. Throughout a variety of musical collaborations, their paths wound, weaved and eventually coalesced. Southern Reverb's music is a rich, fresh sound derived from a concoction of old and new, incorporating southern rock, blues, americana, 90s grunge and pop propelled by driving rhythms, high-energy riffs, great harmonies and featuring slide guitar. Live shows demonstrate the band’s collective musical intuition as spontaneous, new arrangements and exciting jams transform each performance into a unique experience. While the creation and presentation of original songs lies at the core of Southern Reverb’s existence, the band enjoys bringing the familiar sound of classic cover songs to listeners’ ears as well. Paying homage to original arrangements by their musical heroes topped off with SR’s signature stamp is yet another of Southern Reverb’s fortes. With their 5 song EP nearing release and a full album of new material to follow shortly thereafter, Southern Reverb’s songs will soon reach the ears of old friends and many new ones.

Set List

SR plays mostly orignal tunes during performance sets and venue shows with a sprinkling of classic rock favorites; however, for parties and longer shows, SR will incorporate a greater percentage of cover tunes. You name it, we've played it (or can), but some of the regular bands we feature (in no particular order) are:

Allman Brothers
The Band
Tom Petty
ZZ Top
The Rolling Stones
The Black Crowes
Steve Earle
Marshall Tucker
John Mellencamp
Gov't Mule
The Gourds
Joe Cocker
Ryan Adams
Led Zeppelin
The Who