South Farwell

South Farwell

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

This collaboration of unique talent results in a one-night-only show of the Black Crowes, led vocally with the likes of Ray LaMontagne & Martin Sexton covering a set list transposed by Amos Lee. Like Sweet & Salty it's an interesting, yet harmonious end product.


With ideas for another album already in the works before the release of their first album, its unfortunate this project has taken a couple of years to really hit the ground running like it is now...

Success of the former project, Easychair (that well-received country-rock collaboration touring the Midwest from 2001-2006), has led this group to where it is today, as 2 of the original members of this band remain - including the gravely vocals of the lead singer, Boles & the solid bass work of Juodis.

With the expiration of EasyChair, Boles, at the base of a new project fastened himself to current members Coughlin (Guitar) & Dahl (Drums) upon realizing not only their incredibly versatile, yet smooth ability, but their passion for the art of music as well.

These four members who remain situationally focused on the success of their first album have created the type of fluidity as a band that can turn a short afternoon into a polished set. South Farwell will compose an evening of songs ranging from moody to funky, all wound up to create a refined 'super-cool' vibe like that of the band's influences. Their sound is just purely music, and the years of experience on top of their extensive natural talent shows exactly that.


"Tear Everything Down" : Release 7-10-2009

Set List

Original Songs & Covers account for 150min of music

"Tear Everything Down" (Original)
1)Random Numbered Avenue
2)Save Me
3)My Kingdom
6)Tear Everything Down
7)Mama Cried
9)From Heaven to You
11)Hell or High Water

Cover songs include:
1) Women & Wine
2) Can't Stop Thinking 'Bout You
- Martin Sexton
3) Sometimes Salvation
4) Wiser Time"
5) Remedy"
- Black Crowes
6) 3 More Days
7) Let it be Me" -Ray LaMontagne
8) Nothing Ever Hurt Like You
9)You Give Me Something - James Morrison
10) Use Me
- Bill Withers
11) Mandolin Rain
- Bruce Hornsby
12)Long Train Runnin
- Doobie Brothers
13) Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
14) Daughters
- John Mayer
15) Soul Shine
- Allman Brothers
16)Wise Blood
-Counting Crows
18)Arms of a Woman
19)Seen it all Before
-Amos Lee
20) You Ain't Goin Nowhere -Bob Dylan