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The best kept secret in music


"Downriver Pride"

"It has always been my prognosis that nothing good has ever come from Southgate, MI. Plenty of bad craziness has ensued surrounding that territory for me in the past, so naturally I was a little set off when I got this demo from, you guessed it, South Gate. Luckily the curse has left. South Gate plays a generally tight mix of modern American styles that are well executed. Take the good elements of 1999 Slipknot but scramble it with, say, Devil Driver, downthesun, Soulfly and Chaimara. There are surprises around every corner. Sometimes a dash of Skold, other times a little vintage Hypocrisy. Not a bad mix, although South Gate are still coming into their own." - Ryan Bartek/Real Detroit Wkly.

"Dwell In Darkness Fest - live review"

" These guys were, by far, a crowd favorite. With hardcore thrash metal riffs, solid drum beats and vocals comparable to the likes of greats such as Phil Ensalmo, these guys packed one hell of a punch. I honestly don't think I've ever seen a singer so into the singing as he. I was afraid for a moment that the veins in his neck would explode. These guys have killer stage presence and I highly recommend these guys. Watch for them!! ",_2005.htm - Milwaukee Metal Ezine

"Michigan Rocks"

" The mean streets of the Motor City have long been fertile breeding grounds for tough, no-holds barred music. Into this rich, but sometimes volatile tradition step South Gate, the next generation of metal. Featuring Ness on vocals, Eric Lindstrom on guitar, Treadway on the bass and Steve Fraczek pounding on the drums. South Gate plays an intoxicating combination of what some describe as power groove meets hard-core thrash.

The members, all local Detroit rock veterans of various bands including the popular Twist of Fate, Tread and Autumn Reign, have evolved, nay...mutated into the current angry metal monsters they are today. Playing everywhere they can get their instruments into the door, they have developed a huge following.

They have a free 4 song EP that's available at all of their live gigs and are planning a 13-track CD to be released within the next couple of months."
- JamRag Dec. 2005 - Mark Clark

"MBM III - Live Review"

Michigan Brotherhood Of Metal Showcase Of Great Regional Talent

by Derrick Slaten

Event: January 7th, 2006 at Tailgator's Nightclub
Article: January 12th, 2006

About a month ago I received a message from Sticky representing The Michigan
Brotherhood of Metal. In the message was a invitation to the Jan. 7th Tailgators show with Hatecore from Akron Ohio sponsored by Jagermeister, along with Solders of Scrape and South Gate who are both from Michigan. The e-mail stated the BEST three bands you'll ever see for the money. I'm glad I invested the time to go to this show because Sticky was right! The show was awesome!

Tailgators is a small, clean, low-key nightclub with a great staff and house atmosphere. With little more than a basic small stage with no drum riser and a small sound and lighting set up, these bands were about to prove just how talented they really are live, raw, and face-to-face with the local fans!

The first thing that impressed me about both local bands was the hard work of the
management and road crew. Sticky from Michigan Brotherhood of Metal greeted fans with free demo CD's, and displayed cool t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, g-strings - you name it - all on sale at the door. All of the road crew for Solders of Scrape were outfitted in uniforms of matching S.O.S. shirts, beanies, and pants. They looked very cool and professional doning the same ensembles. Nice touch for a band that is on the road to stardom!

Solders of Scrape is a five piece band from Detroit. The drummer plays with a double-kick set (sporting the KILLER SOS logo!) Both guitarist play on Jackson Guitars and BC Rich Basses, and get that hard-hittin tone with Mesa and Marshall Amps and an Ampeg Bass Amp. The singer has a great stage presence with an awesome vocal range. This band has its own raw, drop-tuned sound with hints of Slayer, Pantera, and Clutch. The last song they played was the Pantera cover tune "Domination," dedicated to Dimebag Darrell. Very tastefully done finish to a tight and power full set.

South Gate, another of Michigan's finest, headlined the show. This band consist of a very tight three piece rhythm section and a lead vocalist. The lead vocalist's style reminded me of Disturbed, Judas Priest, and Hatebreed. The guitarist has a Mesa Marshall combo custom rig that is cool as hell, rounding out the quartet with a great drummer and bass player as well! This band has a killer live show. The crowd sang along word for word with the lead vocalist. SWEET!!!!! I brought five friends along with me to the show and on the way home each friend had a favorite band from the night, which was pretty cool. Everyone left the show happy.

All-agreed that the the line-up was solid and satisfying! What a great show! I look forward to working with both bands again. I cant wait to show off the cool photos I took at the show, soon to be on the Rock the Madhouse site. How cool this is to help support fine Michigan talent like these two bands! - Rock the Madhouse Productions


Pyschological Warfare EP

Drag, Let Go and Histrionic have all appeared on WRIF in Detroit on more than one occassion.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Power, Experience, Professionalism, Originality, and the ever inportant element of Anger, five words that truly describe what the metal world will soon come to know as, South Gate.
South Gate is an original four piece metal band that hails from Detroit, Mi. The band has to date written fourteen songs, four of which have been released on a
self-recorded and produced EP entitled "Psychological Warfare". The members of SG, have combined, over fifty years of musical experience, they have together been involved in well known
local acts such as Twist of Fate, Tread and Autumn Reign among others, along with countless hours of studio work, which will produce a debut full length release in the
spring of 2006.
SG has caught the attention of legendary Detroit rock station, 101.1 WRIF and it's very popular program, Midnight Metal (, getting regular airplay beginning in August of 2004. SG has become one of the hardest working, fastest growing metal bands in the Detroit area, not so much in the quantity of their live shows, but in their dedication to promoting their music and getting their name out to
the public ( to date SG has moved close to 3000 copies of the "PW" EP ). To this point the band is focusing on quality shows versus quantity, having opened for Genitorturers twice, WASP, Soil, Six Feet Under, Metal Church, Hatebreed, BLS and most recently Anthrax. The band is obviously metal, but their music is actually hard to categorize. This is a band that has written songs that will not only please the most hard-core of fans (Slayer, Hatebreed), but envelop a much broader, more mainstream, "radio friendly" crowd as
well (Mudvayne, Stone Sour). Which brings us to our final point, the future. South Gate has big plans for the coming months and years, they are currently finishing their debut release along with a new line of merchandise and are setting up a barrage of live shows for the 2nd half of 2006.
This is some very serious material that must... and will be heard...Thank you