South of Sanity

South of Sanity


cutting edge, christian, prog, alternative, with toolish influences, and A message aimed solidly at the lost and seeking. A band with the desire to meet the lost where they are, and fight on the front lines, every time.


Originally started By Troy Bird, his wife Rachael who played drums, and Gary "little G" ashwell. South of Sanity grew out of all three's involvement with inner city missions work. Troy was serving as assistant pastor of a rough and often overwhelming inner city mission, in Roanoke VA. The band started out as a Christian Southern rock, Grunge band. With a sound some where between 'skynard and Nirvana. Only weeks After recording there first album "South of Sanity" Gary suffered a heart attack and passed away. In the following time God brought together new members and slowly reshaped the sound of the band but never wavering on their mission. To reach the lost. Chet Is an experience and incredibly gifted drummer and percussionist. Who's has been performing nationally for over twenty years, even at one time being signed with Geffen records. Mack is the young and energetic prodigy, who brings his energy and passion for serving the lord to the job of holding together the bottom end of what is most often called a "True Power Trio." They focus on writing music that is able to be related to and walking the faith they profess. Their goal is to take this ministry full time, and strive for a level of excellence in their offering. Musically they are Most often compared to Tool, a perfect circle, seether, godsmack, nine inch nails and alice in chains.


2006 Self titled debut "South of Sanity"
2007 EP release "Songs of Redemption"
2009 Album "Haunted Man"

Set List

3:Songs of Redemption
4:Twilight in the Garden
7:Follow Me
8:The River
9:Angel of Lies
10:The Reason
13:Spread the Disease
15:Johny's Song
16:Haunted Man
17:Never the Same
18:The Grand Conclusion