South Parade

South Parade


It's not all about expensive guitars, crazy hairstyles, or even conforming to any stereotype. For us it's about the 4 of us making and performing the best music we can, whilst having the best time possible.


After growing up together and forming South Parade in 2006, we've been writing and performing music whenever we get the optertuninity. As a result of working with some different producers and getting some proper life experience, we're now developing our own unique style. At the end of the day, we're just about; enjoying what we're doing whilst making quality music that fans can relate to.

Set List

Depending on the gig, we can play either originals or covers.

Our original set list is around 45 minutes long and constantly growing.

The covers we play depend on the gig we are doing. We have been knowe to play The Rolling Stones, followed by Dizzee Rascal, followed by Grease the musical. We like to have an open mind when learning and performing cover songs as it has proved to be a great deal of fun when the audience is enjoying the music, whatever it may be.