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Southpaw no question represents a new wave of talent taking over the music scene. Never putting a word on paper only writing his lyrics in his head and his captivating stage presence and uncanny way of being able to perform his songs the same as they sound on wax he literally upstages everyone.


Shawn Michael Romano aka (SOUTHPAW) without a doubt represents a new wave of talent taking over the music scene. Born February 6th 1981 in Vicenza, Italy, Shawn, his mother Deborah, and his father Stephen would eventually move to the states only months after his birth. After bouncing around from Colorado, Minnesota, and New Jersey they finally landed in Virginia. Shawn at the age of 6 was already showing signs of artistic and musical talent. Always drawing and performing he was definitely the center of attention. Southpaw got a hold of his first taste of hip-hop, the Beastie Boys around the age of 7. It was given to him by an older kid in the neighborhood that was eventually confiscated by his parents. They ran a tight ship, not allowing any explicit material into the house, but over the next few years tapes began filtering into the Romano home, and just like the ones before them, they were taken away. Everything from Tone-Loc, EPMD, Eric B & Rakim, to Das-Efx, Cypress Hill and Tribe Called Quest were confiscated by his parents. In the end though, it would not change anything, it was already absorbed. After his younger sister was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, she began to get all of their parents attention leaving Southpaw’s mind to roam freely. In 1999 he started taking music serious and called himself Prospect. Working with nothing but a computer, a live performance microphone, and a program called acid hip-hop, his first basement tracks were laid down. The group was called RA (rappaz anonymous) consisting of seven mc’s from the neighborhood, where Southpaw stood out among all of them. He then moved to Kentucky to put a project together with the Backwood crew. It consisted of 8 artists, Southpaw being the only white artist out of the 8, but he continued to outshine everyone and got respect from his peers in the hip-hop industry. In 2004 he made his move to go solo. He moved back to Virginia and changed his outlet to SOUTHPAW. He got the concept from being a lefty and a big Rocky fan. After picking up the knowledge of the music industry real quick, he learned how to produce hits. Never putting a word on paper only writing his lyrics in his head and memorizing them as he went along, people were thrown back as hit after hit flew out of his mouth as if it was tattooed in his brain. From crazy club tracks to tracks that can make you shed a tear, his universal appeal was apparent and he was ready for anything. With over 100 live performances under his belt, including opening for artists such as, Killa Priest, U-God, Necro, Beatnuts, Jedi mind tricks, Afroman, and Graph, he began to gain recognition throughout Virginia. His live performances were untouched, even by big names in the mainstream music scene. With his captivating stage presence and uncanny way of being able to perform his songs the same as they sound on wax he would literally upstage any headliner he performed before. Some fans may have come to see they’re favorite artist of all time but by the end of the night, the name in everyone’s mouth was Southpaw. After a live performance at an Amateur showcase in December of 2006 he signed with Red East Coast Management Inc, and soon after was working with top producers at UMPA FAMILY PRODUCTIONS/SPECIALIST ENTERTAINMENT in NY. He is currently producing hit after hit with NO SAMPLING, PLATINUM CERTIFIED PRODUCER J-WORLD. His commercial club banging music continues to keep the club moving and his universal appeal is any record labels dream.


To Be Different

Written By: Southpaw


see sammy spends his nights starin at the cielin,
wondrin what it's like the feelin,
bein part a people that would feel him,
but every day he'd go ta school,
he would come home feelin hopeless,
another day at school another he goes unnoticed,
broken inside but stone when,
ever you try to approach em,
most a the time he'd come across mad when he was sulkin,
from all the proddin pokin,
from all the kids who jokin,
teasin cause he came to school without the newest clothin,
and in that moment chokin,
holdin back his emotion,
he told himself that soon enough-
he would have his moment,
so he said fuck these fonies,
and put on some mascara,
painted his nails and rocked a trench coat,
just ta scare em,
he finally got em starin,
it got his mind flarin,
think a the things that he could do ta get his school and parents,
carin just once...about anything he was doin,
so he went to school the next day and started shootin students,
and now he wonders.......


see staci had it bad,
mama smokin crack and usin daddies money,
they seperated leavin staci feelin cold and lonely,
lookin for lovin just a kiss a hug or somethin to ease the pain of losin people she considered loved ones,
but when that comfort wasnt there she looked in other places,
she lost her innocence at thirteen-
and started chasin,
basin just like her mama,
tastin all kind of drama,
facin addiction and grown men tryin to touch all on her,
but it was nothin cause lovin was love,
and thats really all that she wanted,
from many years of mom and dad neglecting there daughter,
too caught up in they're own live so the never noticed,
the child they brought into this world was drifting out of focus,
just feelin hopeless,
but dope was always there ta ease the pain that she was feeling of just goin through the motions,
it was too much ta handle felt like she was chokin,
so she slit her throat and fell into the ocean,
and as she floated she thought......


tracks streaming include:
1-make ya trunk pop
2-it's nothin
3-spit no game
4-behind these close doors
6-now is the time
8-to be different
9-long time comin
10-top down

11-day off
12-gotta be a place
14-thug it out
15-dont stop
16-if only you knew
17-clear the dance floor
18-put ya middle fingaz up
19-time to take a stand
20-all in

DJ Skribbles vs. DJ J NAZ mixtape
1) lets get em
various tracks in rotation

Va Beach airplay
1) Livin It Up

Set List

Sets can be anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and a half.

1)make ya trunk pop
2)its nothin
4)clear the dancefloor
5)to be different
6)i'm backman
7)woodgrain grippin hard
8)putcha middle fingaz up