Southpaw Bluegrass Band

Southpaw Bluegrass Band

 Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Bluegrass; Original music in a traditional style. Foot-tappin' good stuff that engages the audience. Solid bass, driving guitar, some tricky banjo, blazing mandolin, and devilish fiddle. We have a strong emphasis on keeping things fresh without losing the roots of the style.


"Southpaw Bluegrass Band (SpBB) began life in the Fall of 2003 as a duo featuring singer-songwriter/guitarist David Fleming, and songwriter/banjo picker Steve Hoiberg, both of Omaha. Because of his extensive collection of Soviet and Chinese iconography, identification with class struggle, and belief in promoting bluegrass music equality amongst all social classes, Steve suggested that they call themselves the Bluegrass Communists. David, not really knowing Steve all that well while at the same time recognizing he could pick a little banjo agreed on the name in theory, but admitted to wondering how it might go over when announced before festival crowds. As such, David politely requested one evening before one of the 3 or so shows that the duo played together that if Steve was resolute in his decision, he'd have to start introducing the group himself. As luck would have it, a revolt amongst audience members never ensued. In April 2005, singer/mandolinist Justin Kephart joined the boys, adding almost immediately to the already unique group dynamic. In January 2007, fiddler Josh Krohn joined the line-up. Chris Hunke has provided the bottom end as Southpaw's bassist since January of 2008.

Based on an inherent musical synergy and rooted in a mutual love and respect of bluegrass and the associated instrumentation, SpBB's current mission is to introduce the music to a younger local audience by performing at regional bars, restaurants, and music festivals. To date, performances have been very well-received, as has the ever-growing catalog of original Southpaw songs and instrumentals, further inspiring the group's assertion that bluegrass moves those new to the genre to tap their toes and clap their hands...but only if they're given the chance to hear it.


Southpaw Bluegrass Band - Self Titled 2008

Set List

Southpaw plays a wide variety of originals, contemporaries, and traditionals. More than enough for any occasion.