South Shore Vibe

South Shore Vibe


A new wave of music with a crisp, fresh sound that captivates the listener, putting their mind at ease and ears in euphoria.


The South Shore Vibe takes their audience on what can best be described as music's version of a roller coaster ride. Performing some songs with just Matt on the acoustic guitar and singing to having the full band play, SSV combines many forms of music into one to add variety so that everyone of all ages can enjoy their performances.

Imagine driving along the ocean coast in your car with the windows down and speakers blaring out the perfect kind of music. That's the best way to describe the style of SSV. Their music is a combination of reggae, jazz, funk, pop, and rock with a California-like feel that captivates the attention of every listener.

Matt Geczy has been writing and performing acoustically since the summer of 2001. He released his first full length album in June of 2002 entitled “.poetic.sunset.diary.” Matt’s older acoustic songs have been compared to the likes of John Mayer and Dave Mathews. Although flattered by the comparisons, Matt wanted to develop his own original sound that wouldn’t be stereotyped into a certain genre. After taking a break from live performances for a few months so that he could develop this new sound, Matt added a band to his repertoire in January 2002. They have since recorded and released the EP to their full length release coming out this summer entitled “Right Where I Belong.”

South Shore Vibe is from Middlebury, Indiana but enjoys traveling and playing for new audiences all over the country. SSV is in the process of making their plans for touring this summer to promote “Right Where I Belong.” No matter where your venue is located, if you are interested in booking SSV please contact us via e-mail as we are eager to perform as many places as possible.


Like A Wave

Written By: Matt Geczy

(verse 1)
crashing down like a wave
i can come and go, but will you know when i leave?
and maybe, baby, you'll go crazy for me

(verse 2)
admiring your energy
i want to kiss you, touch you, hold you, love you, breathe you inside of me
we can start clean
i'll call you my queen
and i'll do anything you want me to as long as you don't

(verse 3)
i wish that your love was just like a sweater
you'd surround me with your warmth forever
so this is the letter i'm sending you
these words didn't fit paper
so i hope this will do

In This Dream

Written By: Matt Geczy

(verse 1)
in this dream, she's taking over me
and she's a grinnin' and my head is a spinnin' and i must be a trippin' cause she's always winnin over me
and i'm always ridin' on cloud nine hidin' watchin her drivin' as i'm ridin' on by,
and i'll wave to her and she'll smile and make my day

(verse 2)
i only see her at night, makin me feel alright, all night, right after i close my eyes and pull the sheets tight
and i'm snuggled in close with both of my pillows
with both eyes closed pretend to hold her close and my night is made

and so i'm wondering is this just a dream, can it be reality? my dream girl came back to me, i'm so happy the cupid took aim at me

(verse 3)
and i love it when she puts her fingertips up to her lips and when she places her hands onto her hips and gives me that look
and i'm always understating why i'm contemplating the fact she's always playing outside when it's raining
i don't understand the masterplan at hand, oh man, i'm but a chess piece in the mastermind's hand

and so i'm wondering is this just a dream, can it be reality? my dream girl came back to me, i'm so happy the cupid took aim at me

in this dream
is this a dream?
in this dream
in this

Kid Again

Written By: Matt Geczy

I want to be a kid again
I miss waking up at 6 am
Walking down the stairs, finding my dad
Watching the game from last night
Oh yeah

I miss playing pretend with my friends
I want to pretend that I’m superman
I miss all those tv shows, my gi joes and legos
And my mama still knows

That I still go that kid in me
Even though I’m already 19
And some people call immaturity
But I just want to explore the galaxy
And be a kid again

I miss playing out in the rain
Jumping in puddles and getting grass stains
Playing nerf football with the guys
Instead of dressing up and wearing pin-on ties

Run full speed, dive into
Piles of leaves I would fall into
Slip ‘n slides, and above ground pools
Not caring what was considered cool

yeah I still go that kid in me
Even though I’m already 19
And some people call immaturity
But I just want to explore the galaxy
And be a kid again

Maturity, oh man I can’t stand it
I just want to be captain planet
I just want to stay a toys ‘r us kid
I just want to stay good ‘ol me


Matt Geczy - ".poetic.sunset.diary." LP

South Shore Vibe - "Right Where I Belong" EP

Set List

South Shore Vibe is available to play an acoustic set, full band set, or both acoustic and full band. We are willing to perform from one hour to three hours, indoors or outdoors, and we are willing to negotiate our rates based on the type of venue, occasion, and budget. SSV plays many original songs but also performs many cover songs to keep their audience involved.

Original Songs:
In This Dream
Roller Coaster Love Ride
City of Beaches
Like a Wave
Away From Here
Comin’ On Bye
In the World of Reason
Kid Again
My Kinda Neverland
South Haven
Fish on a Hook
Spinning Emotions
Can't Go On
Stop Your Thinking
Final Stages
Gone Fishin'

Some of the cover songs that we perform are:
Wonderland - John Mayer
The Remedy - Jason Mraz
Drink the Water - Jack Johnson
Trippin’ Billies - Dave Mathews Band
No Such Thing - John Mayer
Steal My Kisses - Ben Harper
Inaudible Melodies - Jack Johnson