SouthSide AceHigh

SouthSide AceHigh

BandHip Hop

It's my all. My passion, almost as if its the air i breathe. the challenge and pursuit of perfection is endless. when i need it, its always there for me.


i respect good music. All types of good music. You know good music because it touches you. It will inspirer you to write and step you game up. a musician listens to everything from classical to heavy metal. If your smart you learn to apply some piece of what you hear to what it is that you do and just try to take it to the next level. I learn from every artist.


At this moment I'm about 40-50songs deep. I havent allowed many ears to hear it. You can check out some samples of "IT'S ALMOST OVER" album and some joints for the airwear mixtape with one on my g'z B-Boy under the onegenterprise label at Watch out for the release of some music that I completed for my first Album "sold" along with some mixtape material. Listen in to 88.5fm saturday nights at 8-12:00pm with the "shut it down squad" and catch a glimpse of the single "IT'S NUTTIN" w/B-BOY

Set List

I provide in my performance stage presents and crowd control. What i will perform on stage is completely based on the crowd for that night. And the same goes for the repertoire.