South Side Connect Gang

South Side Connect Gang

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South Side Connect Gang by no means are we affiliated with gang activity we are a group of talented brothers that came together to create great music, with our real life experiences and witty hooks we're trying to bring that story telling fun side back to hip hop.


South Side Connect Gang is a group of friends made up of A producer, Dj and 2 solo artist from Queens that came together to form one super group. Not getting the proper support from the situations we were in we decided to build our own studio and take matters into our own hands. With already released projects like "The Crack Era" and "Thinkin' Out Loud" on all mp3 download sites the South Side Connect Gang is prepared for a full blown takeover, Not to get the name Gang confused with any street violence we felt it was appropriate for our current project. We're not here to try and bring the game back cause it never went anywhere we're just trying to show the world that great music still exist

Dirt of Connect Gang has worked with many artist including Jam Master Jay,DJ Ron G and Craig G.He was also awarded the Buzz factor award at the 2006 Underground Music Award.

Holla H Has had his music played in clubs from Queens to Florida. Holla H is a sight to see and a great performer with his stage presence and Coolest nerd image.

All Connect Gang members are born Performers and are here to entertain the masses.


Thinkin' Out Loud Released June 21st 2011

The Good Die Young (Single) Released August 2012

F.E.M.A Released April 23rd 2013