Southside Future Squad

Southside Future Squad


The Southside Future Squad creates an ambient, enjoyable sound by blending American Jazz theory with a multitude of World musical influences. These influences include Jazz, Funk, R&B, Rock, Hip-Hop, Electronica, various Latin styles and more.


The Southside Future Squad was created in 2000 by guitarist, Justin Huppmann and has been a staple of the Richmond, Virginia music scene for nearly six years. During this time the group has extended their musical influence throughout Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, and West Virginia. In all, the project has performed nearly a thousand shows and it is imminent that the Future Squad will continue in this sonic expedition to contribute to the culture of this planet.
The Southside Future Squad’s music can be described as an eclectic organization that creates a unique and innovative sound by blending jazz theories and influences with countless music styles of the world. These persuasions include American jazz, funk, hip-hop and R&B; electronic music such as trance, house and drum and bass techniques; Latin music such as samba, mambo and meringue; and Afro-Cuban musical approaches. Together, this blend creates a matchless, progressive style that is engaging and fascinating.
These four inventive musicians create an exceptional and fresh sound that is intriguing and entertaining to all that have the opportunity to hear. Even non-fans of jazz music can appreciate the commitment to instrumental excellence that all of the group's members have actively pursued since childhood. The Southside Future Squad is fully dedicated to the quest for a cutting-edge sound that will wow and awe everybody they encounter and their primary goal above all else is to share their adoration of music with the world.


(Southside Funk Brothers): Groovin' in the RIC (2002)
Southside Future Squad: Live (2005)
Southside Future Squad: Ultramodern Paradigm (2007)

*Select tracks from both albums are in regular rotation on WRIR 97.3FM (Richmond, VA).

Set List

A Southside Future Squad performance consists almost entirely of original material. The group does, however, play a few cover songs each show to express their appreciation for the artists that inspire them.

Original Song List:
Felonious G
Breakin' Me Down
A Second Chance (will set it strait)
Flat Out
Wrestle the DC
Catch Me If You Can
The Solution 2 Pollution
Tocamos Ahora
The Cold Chill
Caliente Salsambo
Damn Mr. Jenkins
The Return of Jenkins
Bad Boss Caribbean
Everybody Gets Down
Ain't Ain't A Word (and I ain't gonna use it)
The Freshness
The Feather of Truth
Ultramodern Paradigm pt. 1, 2 & 3

**this list in not complete

Cover Song List:
Chameleon (Herbie Hancock)
Hang Up Your Hangups (Hancock)
Canteloupe Island (Hancock)
Hottentot (John Scofield)
Ago-go (Scofield)
All Blues (Miles Davis)
Footprints (Wayne Shorter)
Mercy Mercy Mercy (Joe Zawinal)
Bubblehouse (Medeski, Martin & Wood)
End of the World Party (Medeski, Martin & Wood)