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Southside Totems

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We are an Alaskan Native group who intertwines the influences of Native and Hip-Hop Culture that expresses wisdom through music, learned from everyday experiences. Our creative lyrical poetry allows us to expand our imagination as well as provide experiences that elaborates our self-awareness.


Southside Totems has been producing music since 2002 in a small village Saxman, Alaska. In Saxman we have learned unique values through stories and music that teaches about respect, perseverance, humility, and self-awareness that has defined our accomplishments and misconduct. These ethical values has allowed Southside Totems to utilize their everyday experiences to help define a higher dignified morality previously considered insignificant by us, as well as others. Our creative lyrical poetry allows us to expand our imagination as well as provide experiences that elaborates our self-awareness.

Southside Totems can provide not only musical performances, but also theatrical drama as well by reenacting Alaskan Native Legends. By combining theatrical and musical performances, Southside Totems provides a unique show that no other group can provide as a means of entertainment.



Written By: Black & Voices

you tell me everythings alright everything will be okay
but then again I’m still on my knees and praying to this day

It’s the drugs, the money, the never ending weakness,
the time, the living and sinning and no one’s giving,
the stress, it’s the ways we climb into our graves,
I can only wait until I fall from grace,

please God give him a full plate,
and I’ll wait for better days where we all feel great,
like when birds feed from the palm of my hand,
harmony is what I’ll wish in the end,

pushing and shoving making something from nothing,
I’ll quit fussing and start hustlein,
was it the drugs, the money,
is it the time we’re living, I hope it’s not real ‘cause it’s now or never,

I’ll stay and I’ll never once leave or abandon people in need
‘cause all people in the world deserve to breathe,
give em space ‘cause what’s freedom if we’re in the wrong,
it should be, written on my face tatoed on my arm,

stay strong.


The Respiration

Written By: KP, Whitey, Voices, and Mos Native

Inhale exhale
breathe in the oxygen it’s respiration
don’t smoke weed to this
it’s resperation

I place depression and large amounts of a stress in my lessons
cause I know that one day, minds will collapse into chaotic measures
and then perhaps we’ll be knowing no better
I’ve got to plan out and strategize
beneath these eyes I’ll be rushing seeing your position
don’t be surprised cause I found these conditions
to place petty wishings aside

living to learn hated and loved
cause I’m native and white it’s kinda confusing to me
cause I’m set to traditions and cultures
respected and loved

words of the wisdom and others lost into history
I’m native to this land I’m of the takwadi


Sitting by the dock of the bay wasting some time
trying to get these syllables to fit up in this rhyme
as I watched my breathe to the air and form a circle
day burn night and the mountains turn purple

majestic geese flock from the southeast
to the south peace we got mouths to feed
starting walking down the block, stopped and saw a cop car

continued to walk don’t want to get jocked
at least he’s in park and the lights are off with the wipers on
I know that he saw me and he’s in there scheming
so I dropped my stuff and hit the brick
will he beam in while I’m running down the trail

hail nails me in the face i’m in a race
hope he can’t keep the pace
don’t want to taste mace but my shoe’s ain’t even laced

I bet he know that I’ve a case with dates to president
of Ketchikan, resident dent maker
take a bag of shake and bake a cake

now I’m sitting in the ditch wishing I was in a kitchen with a bathroom
with some sasson and a bed so I can nap soon

then my phone rang, two kids got caught up the block
selling rocks and I wasn’t even me

and I lost my weed


I walk to sit but every bit of loneliness make me sick
I hate this shit excuse my fit before I dip
and I’ll never need to lit my spliff to be the shit

however they smoke, choke, and remain dope
I am the power with my throat
so relieved by this will I hope

grabbing ropes idle hands I speak actions
no I won’t I’ll never let go
till my mind is clean with soap

rolled in a bundle of o
watch myself grow
smoke or get smoked either way
it’s a time to see through clearer images

ventalition and knocked out insultion
no deminstration
it’s only to part your back to damn this nation
sufficating which is why I hate my own life

being born in this replacement


(Mos Native)
excuse me while I shake my paws
my abuteral cant settle it might be fatal
so continue to move the pawns and move along
as I bundle up me claws and release my emotion
for the cause
I got this game on lock jaws
wait till the end for the applause
but I'm that MC
hip-hop without me is like hip-hop without tupac and biggie
this aint a game to me
I'm way to serious
you step to close you might get bit
cause I'm way to vicious
every MC is an enemy
just to let you know if you ain't rollin with me you agianst me
so when we calash you gunna get a gash
so you better run fast
like you running the hundred yard dash
cause my feet are staying planted


G Paradox

Written By: KP and Whitey

Been spending most my life living in a gangsta’s paradox
a parakete flocks to meet a pair of geese across the street
to throw a pair a bones and call it paradise

so let me paraphrase this paragraph
hear the bop-gun blast as the masked parrot drove past

I put the flag at half mast & laughed last
shit was wild still remember his smile
died forever a child

young and living in style
free and allowed to be
diggin the sound til he got dug in the ground

so no more thuggin Charlie Brown
Freeman runnin round reason
dumb it down g’s and hoes
it’s huntin sound boy season yo

look close to settle differences distinguish between what is I
perceived as an oppression and lies but still I try

making my beliefs ambivalent and hard question
shall I suggest I teach this lesson
my minds in motion only motives approaching appropriate to battle

in tactical correction see what settles when ashes begin to be thus turned to dust with a tombstone left to say please remember us

am I depressing or have I lost that much emotion
suppressing any care some believe that I'm too open

lock me up and chain me down its only inhibition
till my true state shows then your stuck with my condition
come on turn mic on you think I'm here to play
with these words that I'm saying take the time to listen

I've been pushed to my limit and it's hard not stress
I've kept my mouth shout and that was for the best
if I spoke too soon it only was aggression puts people in place but never taught the lesson

you'd be surprised with mans expectations standards okay with their own desolation

Back to Work

Written By: KP and Whitey

9 to 5, 10 to 8
all day aye all day
you know what they all say
back to work
smoke break
back to work

I convert files dump em in the earth while
i accumulate a dirt pile to simulate the last child
that was lost
in a grave proved brave
learned life’s lessons through pain
still remained the same insane
and drained playin campaign on difficult
as soon as they cut the ambilicul i was singing my sililiquoy off key
and often independently spending my memory on tendency’s
for nickels & dimes
it makes sense right
study high, take the test high, get high
scores. right, right, right?


my contemplation always equals contemplation
how can i second guess myself while i’m rockin a congregation
while i’m just chillin up in the basement
worshiping up to the ancients
waiting until the date when I grow and I show my place in the nation
right now it’s aggrivation
the flowers sour aphids devour our flavors
leaving bland, sand, and wafer
so i can find and sign these wavers
& i wave by to my papers
i’ll see ya later
at least i made enough to pay the lease
and flee the beast
another month
fuck it roll another one


it feels like an hour left in this last minute with last two seconds left in this work shift
two weeks passed 42 smoke breaks followed with a paycheck isn't life great

everyday through holidays 8 to 5 I'm being paid looking for the next way to get the dolla raise
one more dolla dolla saving for my bail what the hell I'm going to a place called jail

miswell save up hustle every dollar you be making just so I can make my rations
put this together with the words of passion composed in form of a style of rapping

you get hip-hop 1 of the 5 elements... you think the other 4 are relevant?
hell yea the 5th says to have an understanding... let me work on this


Shadowed Rain

Written By: Voices, Whitey, and KP

The more tracks the criticism, there isn’t nothing that can stop me
in this game it’s either my bones or copy,
rap ninja junky’s, time feeling still,
too calm to react climbing over hills it’s like swooping,

dodging seven something odd bullets reloaded, shining chrome
I can’t feel my feet hands shaking from retreat until this next sunrise, I had hoped your defeat waste no time,

I arose to my feet battles always begin and end when I see fit,
for raps I gain entry through your leaks and weakness,
impressed by my ways I became real and ruthless,

words can’t describe these ways it’s tasteless, I think too hard in a place of amazement waiting like a hopeless patience,

nerves shot I’m nervously locked, and never so much as one rattled my cage
in turn on the spot, I’m angry like the lost souls I’ll manage, maybe not.

welcome to the lands where winters are ice cold
where elements of nature will kill thou merciless
when the temperatures drop teeth collatering and smashing
any will to live you'll have to be Alaskan...

nine months outta the year with little sunshine, smoke what you can to kill time
maybe there's a hobby that keeps your mind busy
where I'm from it's dark and knit gritty

indigenous before the times turned religious they saw our skin as a sacrilegious sin
they determined us to be a menace to propriety villages were pillage as a courtesy

living as you can but thangs change nothing ever turns out precisely the same

I gotta letter from the government the other day
I opened and read it and then threw it away

I got too much on my plate to pay the people that I hate
man I ain’t about to give an inch
I turn like a mile and leave like dust in the wind

8-2-08 and everything was fine
the crew ship had arrived at a quater-to-nine, it was a Saturday, and a nice one at that

thats when the sweet turned sour, the rock went rap at the battle
we set it up & dropped an anvil
on the heads of the ones caught on the can
not Campbell’s

it’s the Ketch. in the shadow of the mountains in the west we crept up from the depths
and proceded to carve our crests
on the festival

then continued on schedule
with our handwrittens sloppy and the graffiti legible

Tlingit Traditions

Written By: Capt. Joe Thomas, Whitey, Mos Native, and Voices

(Capt. Joe Thomas)
oo wa lúx xu Gleit kaa- Hungry White Man (Whiteys nickname)

if there was more to the truth would you dare want to know
contradiction says I should not say so
opening wounds and exposing a feud
our tradition I must bring fourth and here prove

with our, ways of life it was blood for blood
kill or be killed and caring love
but yet to speak outta line with tongues undisciplined
brought a shame and a death the ways of a tradition

compassion imposed with waves of an emotion
focused the clans to care for one another
first themselves the profit goes potlatch
going broke to build your dignity
trading and gathering looking for that salmon
and berry bush with the woman as the cooks it be all good
in the homes by the woods sitting by the fire with the sounds of the beach

people called us indigenous semi-nomadic illiterates
straight up savages they never knew the native ways the native law that keep the peace and harmony but thats okay

Were still on the lands for these thousands of years
Still by the streams where we gathered every year
We still live our culture traditions we hold dear
We still sing our songs for these thousands of years
The Tlingit people believed there was little difference between us an animals, except for form.

(Mos Native)
Is it the raven, loon that scouts the sky
as I swoop bring the boom, thank the deer
thats on the drum, and getting the sun back from the raven

(Tlingit called Haida) “Da-kee-nar” (outside or far away people) ....,
gotta worry about them, taking the salmon
say it, not enough rice not enough fish
it's unfortunate, but thank God we blessed
that we know who we are, and where we come from

southeast region living our traditions,
on the daily

I've seen a lot of changes and meet enough faces
I completely understand our values that except these new things
and only the chosen few have names in a place to become king,

insanity, playing amongst my mind, readily withers and dies
in a place so cold and empty I think it wise
enough to hide,

burn enough fossil fuels left in order to survive
in the end there's nothing to pretend it all comes down to our traditions.


(Capt. Joe Thomas)
This is what it turns out to,
a person will often say I am going to speak to you, and it's like a man walking up along a river with a gaph hook, he lets his gaph hook adrift to over a salmon swimming at the edge of the river, and when he hooks it the salmon way over there become one with him. This is the way public speaking is, even speech delivered at a distance becomes one with someone else.



At the Sunrise-God's Imagination

Written By: Whitey and Voices

Your feeling cold? it's a dark night
with the clouds everyday 40 days 40 nights
it's hard to see the sunrise
anyone see the light?

past the snowcaps they say it's an escape
from this restless pressure 
your feeling thou at peace
nothing can describe what it is that you see
may come close 
falling short of definition 
you must first hand witness
God's Imagination

I wonder what's in store for us all?
God cannot save me
not every time 
because He gives you that chance
just liked we asked 
now everybody's asking 

Can God come save me?
you've got to save yourself and believe me
this is nothing simple and easy

back to the prophesies 
people asking begging please 
have a little mercy on me

hasn't God ask the same
but we killed Jesus
no matter though
with the sunrise He still believes

we can save ourself 
from our mental miseries 
we have brought fourth upon ourselves
with Adam and Eve 

who wanted to see
what happened when they ate 
that apple from that tree
of knowledge

the gift and the curse
it's knowledge killing this world

(Whitey and Black)
At the sunrise it's God's Imagination
something so beautiful we never could imagine

Next person that’s going to be drinking it, at the sunrise
I said drinking, I said drinking, look up to God’s Imagination

At the sunrise, and before the sun sets this dark night
so dim so thick I could hardly look within, it’s all but a bin that these tears fall in,

if I could imagine every step, every single dying breath
I’d make up for those mistakes and wait for the sunrise awakes to us to see,

the most unimaginable, inarticulate, imposed antique
so refreshing as if the life water did come first from the sea,
without the sun, how would I know, how much deeper these holes gotta go,
and the work I’ve soed it’s all been let go, even at first I spit death row I’m here say no,

I rather not exist in a place so cold, inside a cell is where I grow so old,
it’s these cards I fold like some stones don’t move unless I grab ahold.



Written By: Whitey, Voices and KP

As I walk through the valley let me meet my death
and see the very last breath taken from chest
I feel my eyes grow heavy as my body turns weak
with the last tear falling down the side of my cheek

Arms open legs crossed on the crucifix
see the world as it is, it could kill your kids
but there's something more the Lord had to die for
I wish myself I could see what for

There’s only one time, you can live until the end
some call it a sacrifice but it’s something to give,

and even though I knew he did right by his kids,
and I’m a stand ready and take it for what it is,

a message delivered, and a reason to live again,
this paradise is looking dim I feel condemned,

please God when I die I don’t want to be left behind I feel as if I’m stuck in a bind don’t wanna cry.
look into my eyes look deep into to my soul
be aware that you may not see the whole picture
I've been misjudged and figured for the wrong reasons
I became what you saw me as another heathen

together with temptation
pipes get passed like a word of mouth
i’m walkin hand in hand down in the sand
with preferred amounts of fans
to keep it fresh in the clouds with my head
& the souls of the several lost individuals
in critical condition
pitiful situations
face thin Nathan stands with his face in the corner in time-out with a glass pipe in his mouth
i walked in the room & got knocked the fuck out by a witch
& woke up in a ditch today
out of shape with a headache & piss on my clothes like what happened. who knows
grabbed a pen retrace my steps
crossed a case of kokanee with one brew left
& the label on the floor
searched further more deeper found a room full of some tweekers, said peace then went back to the dome again.

to the eye I’m civilized and proper to people
knowing how to keep my cool when times get lethal
but it's hard to say I fully understand my reason
for the human race has always been a feeble question

one minute people have peace, but this won't last
cause were giving opportunities to cherish what is past
going through our problems and were having a laugh
cause anything that is good seems to never last

A Slumbered Stroll

Written By: Whitey, Voices and KP

ever seen a young mind so stressed to the point where he breaks
finally lets go the sedative will take more than one dose to calm to a cope
little hope but its still there holding on to the slim chance left to live nothing ever prove fair but he maintained

anything he'd give to put the vain game to the rest, close his eyes fall asleep and let God take his last breath
but he knows what no other can fathom to understand
why would he want comprehend how people suffer

he sees death lives life takes the p outta plight adds pain equals to his living of delight

but uhh... its one step to the next KP said it one forward three back I hope you don't forget it
cause its process better work hard sweat blood make an honest living outta love

in world where others have died for a dream, laid down their life so others can redeem their confessions sins to their own transgressions
perfecting a world it's imperfections

Happy halloween, see you in your dreams, here’s another thing for your itty bag of treats, sick to your stomach now your screaming on the streets,

I can’t complain it’s the way I feel the beats, it’s these type of things that can bring you to your feet,

getting all ready, I’m a miss the seat,
it’s not for me that’s the way it had to be,
you had to see I’m misplaced insanity

terrorizing technicality’s,
armed situations I use causing doom to family’s,
unhand my source that I abuse so gradually,

chaos forming ground shaking earth
new shattering formations in a haste
so beserk, catastrophism is absurd,

observe incantations and souls lost in the word I don’t know,
it’s nothing I hared I just seem to conceive in the worst.

i gotta new rhyme and i start it at the end
i’m watchin snow melt from a window spring begins
thinkin how time flys when you’re busy doin nothin
witness the descent of a nation & the death of some loved ones
you can’t front i’m comin with the shots for drunks
the bottles are provided so just bring you’re own blunts
i’m lookin at you lookin past me b you mad fucked up
how bout a bathroom, asprin, taxi
he’s all like “huh”
saw him ball up his right
wit a lazy hook he tried to hit me
ducked that week attempt & blasted him twice in the kidney’s
for good measure
kicked him in the ass for my own pleasure
you’re first could be your last
you could be the next Heath Ledger
to die from an acting role
put down that caviar pick up that green bean casarole

The Untold War

Written By: Whitey, KP, and Mos Native

as a young man born in village promised much lessed than i prayed
set aside while defending my native pride nothing racist about this right

i love ya’ll haters and two-faced traitors, play me as a friend go on do it again
cause I’m used to this type of discrimination, once was enough better rethink your bluff...
ya'll fake your phony I know your true colors I know what's behind that deceiving mind these rhymes and these lines will define this crime
its a no contest with a guilty conscious

born in a form of a flesh existence my vengeance on those who just don’t get this
millions have died cause they show resistance against this type of hipocracy
died on the streets cause of racist beef
and people still talking like they want world peace

so please don't cha'll forget the racist war in the southeast is too legit

hip, hip-hop, hip-hop anonymous
my conglomerates and I, yo i’m bombin this but why
is it a problem or a high

hi my name is k, y, l, e
and I have just one addiction that I’m willing to talk about
it started as a hobby now I’m writing in the lobby
loving the life I lead with my past ahead of me the futures whatever yo I’m ready B,
just keep the trajectory steady and the beats tight
yo I’m feeling blinded by these bright lights
cause I’m use to the night life

It’s like the mic is the doctor, the treatments the beat
ingested daily, flowing through my pores
of course I’m on course with concord jets
from Met. to Ketchikan in debt invested in

a second hand lecture for your section and neighbors
thanks to you all haters I’m greater
thank ya

so please don't cha'll forget the racist war in the southeast is too legit

(Mos Native)
must I say it again spit fire like dragon
soon as I release the beast from within
cause my stats is way of the graph

school’s in session so listen class don’t hate
cause I’m on the right path
I know when you alone you be bumping my shit like it’s your own

took off thrown going on the throne
so let me hear ya’ll moan and groan
while I keep giving it too ya
but this time I can’t feel your pain

I’m way to driven, given to the graven
of never not leaving
but after every reason to speak what I believe in

so please don't cha’ll forget the racist war in the southeast is too legit

Steady Terms

Written By: Whitey, KP, and M.O.

Take a look around, what is it you see
people too scared that they just might bleed
chilling on their door step 44’s loaded
the crime in the streets a little hard to go unnoticed

it brought about a conscious
a death for a debt, a debt for the fact
that we breathe for a breath

step back and watch the way the world turns
money in the pocket with the oil by the barrel
it’s a damn shame knowing that were living off the government
and not our lands that will give us natural supplements

becoming one with the art of Sun Tsu
with understanding to comprehend these issues

appropriate and command
strategize your approach
be on the front line
and battle without hope
here i am BOOM
step into this damned room
check it out
you can’t leave the rock with out a rock around you’re neck
how bout a pocket watch
walk round the block
for socks perhaps a tie
i bet i could sell you fuckin sheep
this twinkle in my eye
wink & smile “how you boo”
style switch i cruise crew ships
on an ego trip
i know you think you know
but you don’t know shit
think you’re sellin beauty
to me you’re slangin ignorance
to zombies of the government
trying to change the things that make em different

Forced transitions from
nature communing with hunter
To cosmopolitan comatose
Disconnected worker
Or alcoholic with
Two feet in the gutter
Or one foot in their mouth
one foot six feet under
Or both
You need five feet to walk
and survive and climb out of this
new hard scrabble life
Across the North affliction but
We’re bringing the medicine
With this Pan-arctic collaboration
Tlingit American
Eskimo Canadian
But represent the two indigenous
And more ancient nations
Whitey took our land
Out from under our feet
Now Whitey gives back with his hand
Royal flush with the beat
Massaging in the heat
Dope rhymes and bass lines
Raw and juicy like fresh meat
Cut it up into bite-size pieces
Take what was sown make it what we reap
Pass it around village and
Make sure that everybody eats

Southeast Villages

Written By: Whitey, Murf, Mos Native,

This is how it goes down
in the village of young bloods representing bloods
of the Tlinget's and Haida's
This is how it goes down
on the streets, for some its troublesome

-Murf aka Dirty
That bitch hit me, I ended up in KCC. 3 counts of felony
ain't know one want to listen to me

-Mos Native
Seems more and more need the gangster to get the galore
are you sure? I'm about to give it to you hard core
more than gang bang I'm at the gun range
shoot from long range with the target insight

hit with accuracy I got no time for missing
at the age of 20, ready to get busy
so don't miss me, reload while I sit cool
looking at you fools and only one bullet
cock back snap the cranium in half
not from the hood or the ghetto straight out the village
the best place to manage survival tactical status
from outta states into the wilderness
disappear from the cops like sasquatch lost

round once but I had no rocks
I come from the ow'ee goee sticky
where you never have to be picky
never heard of the mexi where everyone knows me
selling G's uno soon to know mucho grande

paper green stack
we keep it intact get chat gotta native messed up
have a native like "how it goes down, when I come around?"


Welcoming I bring to you my life living traditions
cultures of forgotten words of wisdom
struggles that be giving to us destroy o so merciless
its troublesome

learn the how and the where we should stand and walk and talk
shoulda spoke to what we wrote to regulate a rope-a-dope
a crack-feen in hope, a rhyme we calling dope
the hip-hop notorious, a nemesis or patriot
that so brought the glorious United States to this tense
flawed all just a bit

As I come down descending
feeling numb from the drum sound
a straight line is quicker yet i still run round
n take time with rhyme design format
for mind to formulate a line
to climb to the depths of perception
from the far north section
where i got no reception

so i reached out for protection
from the 1st amendment
cuz as soon as i get my speech out
just wanna chill n take seat down
punks wanna jump up
just to get beat down

still until the next millennium
I'm bending em with synonyms
bombing em with homonyms
you might have hit the bong with him
but you still can't chill with Kom.

& the gang when we let
deez nutz hang
so let the beat bang
feeling so sane it's deranged
from the black of my lungs
blue of my veins
me n my mains
home home in the rains



"Mass Destruction" released Nov. 17th, 2007. Total of 21 tracks.

"From Age to Reason" released Jan. 16th, 2009. Total of 27 tracks.

"Chapter 7" in progress...

Produced by Whitey Productions of Totem Entertainment.

Set List

We can perform 22 songs and provide an hour to hour and a half show. Also we can reenact Alaskan Native Legends that lasts half an hour.