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I already said everything I thought about Soviac.
Everything, I said. All the best.
Should I repeat myself just because they have a new (fucking ecstatic) single called Fear?
Don’t you already know you’d better get their soon to be released album called the Back album (cause, yeah, it’s been a while since the latest one)?

Trust me, this is the most underrated Swedish rock band alive. - Absolut Noise -


"Triology Sexlife Friscot" - 1998
"Out in the Fields" - 2005
"Hello Bunny" - 2007
"Back Album" - 2012

"Ogashaga" - 2007
"Mallorca" - 2007
"I Got the Ribbah" - 2007
"Fear" - 2012
"French" - 2012

"Back Album" streamed here:



Spit on the rust and bring out the metal. Rock is what it's about. Soviac don't like traditions, they're not interested in what you listen to and don't give a rats ass about your feelings. The fifth album has not emerged from any earlier albums in Soviac's discography. There are no obvious alternatives and there are certainly not any straight up references.

There is simply nothing to it, snort the mix up, "Back Album" moves you.

It's been four years since their previous album "Hello Bunny", now Soviac checks in with "Back Album". Twelve tracks have crawled their way through the rough industrial floors of Eskilstuna, out of the garages and finally found their way out of the studio. If their last record was an overager teen on a bicycle, crashing through the neighbourhood, Soviac now has placed themseleves on a roadracer, tweaking every streamlined move accurately. Without noone watching.

Gunnar Lindstedt, Markus Wold and Kate Breinider still beats their instruments fearless and unfairly harsh. With other words you will not dodge the distorted and disruptive noises together with the guttural grunts escaping the rock gym. En plus, you'll get knocked down by their insane lyrics. When Soviac's synthesizers kicks in and the drums get their fair amount of beating you'll just lean back and smile.

Finally Johan Gustavsson has laid his phenomenal hands on the tracks in studio Gröndal. Giving the record that natural upbeat live sound. Adding tags as blues, electro, arsenic trance or punk to "Black Album" is alright. It's up to you!

"I'm hitch hiking on a fine June afternoon
way finer than the smack you're jackin' up
I waste my time, twisted mind
I'm in for Uutiset"