Dallas, Texas, USA

Smashing Pumpkins met a lo-fi midwest emo who was hanging out with his best friend, Pinkerton-era Rivers Cuomo. They fell in love, got depressed, took drugs, and 9 months later Soviet was born. And it ruled so hard.


Soviet is a 5-piece heavy art pop group from Dallas, Texas. Over an extremely short period of time (less than 10 months) in the mainstream Dallas scene they have played over 50 shows (including opening for major touring bands regularly, full list below) at almost every major venue in the city. Soviet was an official showcase selection at 35 Denton 2011 (in past years known as NX35 and 35 Conferette), and preformed at numerous unofficial showcases at SXSW ’11.

They have released 2 demo compilations for free on Bandcamp, Forever Today and Doom, both of which have been hailed by local press as being promising and wildly different than anything currently coming from Dallas. Local DJ Mark Schectman picked up their song, “Forever Today”, for leading local rock station 102.1 The Edge, and Soviet tracks have become a staple on his Sunday night show. This, along with a growing reputation for being a wild and engaging live act (popularly described as “Black Flag playing Beach Boys songs”), garnered Soviet 3 nominations at the 2011 Dallas Observer Music Awards (Best New Band, Best Song, Best Punk Group). All of this has been accomplished without the aid of a label or management, and thus Soviet is seen locally as the most fiercely independent band in the city. The release of their first physical record in early November, the OK Together 7”, has been hotly anticipated for months in the local music community.

Soviet has shared the stage with //

Titus Andronicus
White Rabbits
Cloud Nothings
Casper And The Cookies
The Drowning Men
The Memorials
The Young Maths
Spooky Folk
And bunches and bunches of great local bands


Forever Today (4 track Demo Collection / Self Released)
// Jan. 2011
Doom (16 track Demo Collection / Self Released)
// March 2011
OK Together 7” (Vinyl & Digital Download / Self Released
// Nov. 2011

Set List

1. Love Can't Last
2. OK Together
3. Dream It
4. Forever Today
5. Christine
6. Kids In My Backyard
7. Wimbledon
8. Hall & Oates
9. United Nations
10. To Live My Life Alone