Soviet Supermen

Soviet Supermen


We are a fun loving but professional band. We make good music for todays listenners but are also influenced by the past. We thrive on talent and are an exciting live act. Stage antics are a must, but nothing comes before the music. Need I say more? check us out:


We had always been close friends, me and Victor. He played Bass, I played guitar, and one day we started a band. Later recruiting Scott Beaudin (winner of Hamilton Teen Idol) on vocals and Mark Ballyk on drums. We are recording, and practicing and hope to have an EP together by the Summer. Music is what all of us love, and that's what sets us apart from a typical band, we're passionate about everything, we show it on stage, in the studio, in our own homes, everyday. Listen for us. That is our story. -Rylan Hartley (guitarist, Soviet Supermen)


Currently piecing together our first EP.

Set List

Sets can be anything between 30 minutes and 3 hours. We do a variety of Covers and our own Original songs, our song selection is constantly changing.