Sovus Radio

Sovus Radio


Sovus Radio are fans of fairly tales as long as they take their anti-depressants.


Sovus Radio are not like other bands because they don't try to be. Moody, well rounded, and dedicated to art, they produce a timeless rock and roll foundation which they make uniquely theirs with a wide array of textures and atmospherics. The main goal is to MAKE you feel something by use of structured yet eccentric rock format.


2004: Demo song, "Ending in a Fast Car" is played irregularly on 99x, 96 Rock, and 96.7 the Buzz.
Jan. 28th 2005: "Victims and Villains" is released and sells 153 copies at CD release party. The first single off the record is called "Taste" and has been played regularly on 96.7 the Buzz and 96 Rock. It has also been featured on 99X's Sunday School.

Set List

Our set can be anywhere up to 1.5 hours. We can play five Beatles covers. We typically like to come up with a set list of songs that conveys whatever we might be feeling or might wish to feel.
1. Mr. Paranormal
2. Taste
3. Plague Automatic
4. Love as a Bruise
5. Soon
6. Ode to Self
7. Siren Song
8. You Should Know
9. Misocainea
10. Outlet
11. Ending in a Fast Car
12. Intermission (Sick Scented)
13. War Dance by a Mouse
14. Cold and Calloused
15. House on Fire Theme
16. Baby Fame
17. The Announcer
18. My Fantasy is a Post-Apocalyptic Western
19. Cinderella
20. Maze
21. Prelude Melodramatic
22. A Safe Place
23. Blessed Introductions

1. A Day in the Life
2. Tomorrow Never Knows
3. Strawberry Fields
4. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
5. I am the Walrus