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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Kludge Music Matters"

Do you all remember Fountains of Wayne? Well if you don't, then don't worry about it. I found this band that is picking up where they left off, and they're called Sowatt. These Canadian boys aren't out to save rock but they sure are making some pretty good music. I have no idea what the name is all about but hey, look at Hoobastank!?! Anyways these guys just seem to have fun doing what they're doing and I can't knock them for that. If you like Fountains of Wayne, Weezer, and I guess anything from Canada, then you'll like these guys too. - Kyle Lee

"Vision Music USA"


Quebec based alternative rockers SOWATT exhibit their talent and versatility on their website through several sound bytes and videos. They take you on rockin’ tour of their sound in French and English, making sure both audiences are able to understand all the lyrics to their songs.

This band rocks hard and fast with just enough pop polish around the fringes, which allows them a wider reach, eliminating the boring and predictable of being placed into one particular category to generalize their sound. Some bands cannot avoid that kind of labeling but these talented young men are smart the way they record and display their music on their website.

Make sure you check out the videos, they are spicy hot with tons of energy.
Click here to visit the SOWATT website.
- Keith “Muzikman” Hannaleck

" magazine"

If you thought that French Canadian Rock bands are nothing to bother about, then think again cos this SOWATT band has it all !! Five fine musicians, strong songs with very powerful melodies and good English lyrics. This band kicked off in 1999 and released their debut album in native tongue back in Apil 2003. But their new opus titled "In My Life" was recorded last year in English. If you are into bands like TwelveHourMary, Building 429 or SR 71 you definetly have to check out this SOWATT !!!

Link to this interview:
- Rick Huisseune

"Pop Bang Radio"


Back in June '04 when we featured PAY BACK off of Sowatt's debut EP, we had no idea that this CD would be the end result. Here, my friends, is a stellar slab of well crafted pop rock that is poised to be HUGE! Hailing from Montreal, Sowatt could be Canada's next big thing, and if they aren't, it is a cryin shame. Just as good (if not better than) peers like Jimmy Eat World and The Tories, Sowatt has what it takes and is total ear candy! - Jay Anderson


Describing Sowatt as a band with an exciting future ahead of it would be an understatement. Sowatt's tight melodies and vocals are absolutely radio-ready and the lyrics are often inspirational. The sound is straight on rocking Power Pop with a lot of twists and turns to keep your ears alert. Sowatt ultimately reminds us of Switchfoot, with moments of Owsley and Collective Soul. - Whit

"Pop Bang Radio"

This up and coming Montreal band is in the process of creating their debut CD, and this cut shows off their worthy power chops. SOWATT packs the heavyweight punch of Foo Fighters and The Tories, with great song writing, excellent production, thick harmonies, and a ton of energy. This is a band that you will hear a lot about very very soon. Really really good stuff! - Jay Anderson

"Soul Shine magazine"

Break the English and crank the back end; Sowatt are here to stay. Or rather here to say… something. Having toured Quebec extensively, singing and shouting in their native French, Sowatt managed to switch tongues and eek out a decent record with facilities in tact. “In My Life” is their debut English language album and there’s a high degree of “aw, shucks” sincerity to this effort that make it a pretty palatable listen through and through. On the surface, this Montreal-based five piece are fairly ordinary. They max out on their guitars and bleed a yellow streak in their half-cocked odes to young girls and life as they know it. Yet unlike their fellow provincers A Simple Plan, Sowatt don’t come off as wimps or puppets but rather decent fellas singing about their feelings and not being a total priss about it. Sure, “In My Life” is overflowing with that teen angst stuff that’s been milked to the gills in recent years. But somehow, the dudes in Sowatt pull it off without being overly offensive. The title track especially is a totally tubular tune that has great hooks, balls and a snout. The bonus video for “Move On” is an added treat and all told, “In My Life” is a solid intro to the English market. Mon dieu, indeed. - Cameron Gordon



SOWATT-SOWATT (French album), 2002

Singles (French): That'S OK, Qui a le droit, Mon coeur


Feeling a bit camera shy


SOWATT's debut dates back to 1999. Following two years of intense writing
and touring, the band finally landed its first record deal in 2001 with PGC,
an independent French label in Quebec. SOWATT's first album (in French) was
released in April 2003 and did very well. Generated great interest in the
band regionally, setting a strong fan base, attracting a large number of
fans to its web site ( and fan club.
The band has acquired solid experience through these years, continuously
playing to large audiences, performing mostly in English.
The band went in to studio with Canadian producer Tino Izzo in April 2004 to
record their debut (English) album. (due December 2004)
The reaction is unanimous.
Their best work!
SOWATT offers, their very personal brand of ¨power (pop) rock¨. Great
sounding, radio friendly songs that have depth. Armed with strong, catchy
melodies, solid lyrics and high energy level.

SOWATT Live experience

- The band has performed over 100 shows in 2003-2004 and over 200 since
- The band did a 5 month tour, playing in 70 Quebec high schools in 2003.
- The band performed the opening act in the last year for SIMPLE PLAN,
DAVID USHER , APRIL WINE and other local French artists.

SOWATT TV Experience

- The band performed in 2 different TV shows at "Palmares" on the French CBC
network Montreal, 2003 (over 300 000 thousand viewers).
- The band performed at the " Telethon Enfant Soleil", Quebec, 2003 (over 1
million viewers).
- The band performed at the "Telethon pour la recherche sur les maladies
infantiles", Montreal, 2003 (over 1 million viewers).
- The band performed at "La Méga-Fureur" on CBC, presented at Quebec
Coliseum, 2002 (over 1 million viewers).
- The band performed live at "Musique Plus" .