Soweto Entsha

Soweto Entsha

 Soweto, Gauteng, ZAF

Soweto Entsha represent a new generation of gospel's singers ... they always sing a capella, everywhere and everytime ... their repertoire is a good mix between traditional and urban sound. Soweto Entsha is a young band with a big power ... watch them on stage, it's just amazing !!!


A most incredible journey from Soweto to the “Casino de Paris”.
It all started with some a capella song performed in a small restaurant in their neighborhood to a French tour doing the first part of a world-renowned show (African Footprint) and ended with the release of their first CD: the story of Morgan, Lwazi, Jabu and Zensele look like one of a fairy tale. To the difference that this is pure reality.

Flashback. Less that two years ago, their scene was the streets of the township with no other perspective than basking for a few rands and no fame. Their only antidote to poverty, unemployment, violence, delinquency and boredom was singing. An ode to life, for the four friends motivated by their faith. Since childhood, every Sunday without failing their united voices celebrated the Gospel that they had listened to and sang in the choir of their school and to church.

And then... One day in July 2008, fate provided an unexpected hand. That of a French producer. Curious enough to abandon central Johannesburg (where he had come to organize the upcoming tour of African Footprint in France) to discover another reality of South Africa, one of the townships. A stop in a small local restaurant, and suddenly they were there before him, no other instrument than their vocal cords and their hands to give the beat to a "Welcome to Soweto", in exchange of a small tip in return. Far from knowing that the four friends had just won a ticket to a dream beyond all expectation.

Indeed, for Nicolas Ferru that was it the four young boys will be performing as the first part of African Footprint in Paris and during the entries French tour that was taking place three months later. Three months of hard work for the members of what was to become ""Entsha Soweto". They had to expand their repertoire, work on their singing skills, and their choreography ... The challenge was phenomenal.

Converted try! From their return of six weeks tour across France, galvanized by the incredible journey they had just experienced, and coached locally by Colette, a friend of Nicolas Ferru. Colette, their mentor, their conscience, their fairy godmother. It is her that guides them in their musical choices, when the project of the CD was finally materialised, her that found a recording studio where the eleven titles were recorded.

It was in Paris that the album was mixed just before their return for a second tour with African Footprint in March 2010. With the added value of a first CD filled with captivating vocal melodies and strong of their past experience the quartet is moving and captivating, the children of Soweto talented performers are the messengers of hope, they are communicating with happiness their love of Africa to their new audience. Simply breathtaking!


South African Voices, LP 2010

Set List

Set List 70 mins

Oh Lord
I Believe
Come To Africa
Hale Mpotsa