SOWFI A New Star With Genes of Africa ! She presents the “Sowfinomenal AfroBeaTour Show”. Forty to seventy minutes pure GROOVE!


Born in Brussels, Sowfi began to sing at 8. After having lent her voice on several tracks, like the backings of the worldwide hit single “Socca Dance”, to name a few, she decided to make her solo second album. After one first album, which did not meet expected success and 5 years of absence, Sowfi returns with her own compositions.

This surprising album contains titles like “Sowfinomenal”, “MyPersonnality” and “Tell Me”.

On stage Sowfi holds a powerful and communicative energy, which it’s shared with her musicians having each one an academic background. She presents the “Sowfinomenal AfroBeaTour Show” including 11 tracks of the album, as well as previously unpublished song, a Gospel title, “What Ya gonna Do” and the cover “Don't You Want Me” of Jody Watley revisited with ragga style and decorated with old school guitar.
Forty to seventy minutes pure GROOVE!
A team selected very contentiously by Sowfi herself accompanies her in harmony. Renaud Baivier reveals us his talent of percussionist, Gabriel Wadigeslia to the bass, Ludo Catalfamo will have been retained as excellent keyboards player, Thibault Quinet takes the place of the guitarist to the play jazz funk, which enchants Sowfi particularly. Chryster Aerts has been selected because of his powerful and remarkable striking, the singer was convinced by the genius drummer in three minutes only!
In vocal accompaniments, Sowfi called upon two students of the conservatory of Gent, Sofie Vander Stricht, Katrien Van Opstal and Molly Fodderie.
If you love Soul, Pop and R'N‘B spiced of Gospel music, you will be convinced that Sowfi is an artist experienced in studio recording and incomparably astonishing on stage. Sowfi has just completed her Belgian tour and she’s ready to conquer the world!
Do not hesitate! Her performances are incontestably Sowfinomenal!


Red Zone, Use your Voice - 1990
"Bliz" - 1993
"Never 2 Late To Do Something Sowfinomenal"- 2008 In all belgian stores & On I-Tunes
Sowfinomenal : Radio Airplaid on 20 belgian radios and 5 to 10 web radios.

Set List


- Open ShowCase Intro
- Don’t You Want Me - "Cover"
- Your Own Good
- My Personality
- Open up Your Heart
- Sowfinomenal
- Enough
- Tell Me


Open Show Intro
Your Own Good
My Old Name Is Bliss
Open Up Your Heart
What ya Gonna do
Second Rate Guys
Easy Come Easy Go
My Personality
Summer time - "Cover"
Don't You Want Me - "Cover"
Tell Me