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""Armed To Conquer""

Armed to Conquer is a compilation of two efforts released by Long Island, NY natives Sown In Tears. The first three tracks are previously unreleased songs featuring new front man Matt Lippl, formerly of The Partisan Turbine (Siege of Amida Records). The bulk of the disc however is a re-mastered version of A New Hope, their debut full-length, featuring their previous front man, Peter Castalano.

Brutal is the first word that comes to mind after hearing "Armed to Conquer." The 13 bone-crushing, stomach-pounding tracks keep your arms flailing and your fists pumping. It is everything you would expect from a metal/hardcore band. While this is not a terrible thing to accomplish, it is not the best either.

"The Revelation" is a quick, high-energy song that served as the intro to A New Hope. It has a powerful buildup and release that cleverly excites the listener and fades at the peak of excitement, leaving a strong feeling of anticipation for the next track in your ears. While it's a relatively simple song it serves its purpose perfectly.

"Realization" is another standout track that defines their sound; another powerful buildup to start, leading into a deep, vigorous breakdown with great interplay between the guitars and drums. It keeps the listener intrigued through the unique vocal break in the bridge, into one final, half-time breakdown that would keep any hardcore kid flailing until the very end.

There are hefty gaps in the quality of songwriting from track to track. Some songs, like the few mentioned earlier, are memorable, but most of the other songs sound too similar to each other that I cannot tell "Detoxification" from "The Perfect Ending...". This is their biggest downfall. I'm sure everything they play is great fun to dance to live, but when it comes to listening to the album it ends up blending into the background.

The songs sound decently produced; guitars are very heavy (and, as expected, detuned a few steps), the drums cut through the mix ok. It could stand to improve however as the songs are muddy, in turn not allowing the full energy to cut through, leaving the listener with the ever-dreaded feeling that something is missing. The guitar parts are strong and complex and it would serve their interests to hear them better. "Flatlining" has the potential to be an incredible song if it were not so muddy. "Veritas," "Weight of Rage," and "Nostalgia" fit this stigma also. These guys are talented on their instruments and a better production would help them exponentially. In addition, I enjoyed the vocals by Peter on the "A New Hope" portion over Matt's on the newer three tracks. I'm not sure whether to attribute this shortcoming to the production or to Matt's abilities, but either way this was unfortunate. It seems like they haven't quite defined their sound, but they are close.

Armed to Conquer is an impressive release that encompasses their sound since formation almost four years ago and is a must have for any death metal fan. Having seen them perform I can attest to the fact that their live show is nothing short of intense. They are one of the hardest working bands on the East Coast and I have no doubt that as they continue to tour, gain exposure, collect fans, and mature their songwriting, some labels will find them hard to resist.



"Armed to Conquer" (2009)
Last Resort Records
Recorded @ Full Force Studios

"A New Hope" (2008)
Self Released Full length
Recorded and Produced by Tomas Constanza(Diffuser) @ Killingsworth Studios

"Saturn" EP (2007)
Recorded and Produced by Tomas Constanza(Diffuser) @ Killingsworth Studios



Crushing... Unrelenting... Brutal...

These are but a handful of the words that come to mind when listening to Long Island powerhouse SOWN IN TEARS. Formed in 2005, SOWN IN TEARS have been laying waste to listeners and venues alike across the United States with their abrasive mix of metal and hardcore.

In early 2008, SOWN IN TEARS released their full-length debut, “A NEW HOPE” (recorded and produced by Tomas Constanza at Killingsworth Studios), on the unsuspecting metal community. The results have sent shockwaves throughout the metal and hardcore scene alike. This past spring, the band decided to part ways with original vocalist Peter Catalano due to personal differences. Matty Lippl, formerly of SIEGE OF AMIDA/FERRET RECORDS recording artists THE PARTISAN TURBINE stepped up to fill in the spot, bringing in a solid stance to the band‘s sound and lineup. Having honed their energetic live show to perfection by sharing the stage with international recording artists such as THE ACACIA STRAIN, SUFFOCATION, WHITECHAPEL, EMMURE, SUICIDE SILENCE, BURY YOUR DEAD and more, the band went on to complete a successful East-Coast Summer tour spaning all the way to Florida, Alabama, & even Texas. Upon returning, the band caught the eye of LAST RESORT RECORDS and were signed shortly thereafter.

In early 2009, The band Released their Debut Album with the Last Resort Records entitled "Armed To Conquer". This album contains 3 brand-new tracks with new vocalist Matty Lippl & also a Re-Master of “A NEW HOPE”. Both Albums are currently available through Bigcartel Merch and on iTunes for digital purchase, also available in various stores.

SOWN IN TEARS will tour the Full US and Canada throughout the year in support of “ARMED TO CONQUER”, proving to those who have not experienced their unbridled fury and incomparable talent that SOWN IN TEARS are a force to be reckoned with.

Be ready.. or get the hell out of their way!