Soy City Stranglers

Soy City Stranglers

 Decatur, Illinois, USA

2 parts AC/DC
2 parts Motorhead
2 parts the Dwarves
2 Parts New Bomb Turks
1 Part denim
1 part Leather
mix with booze and pour into the gas tank of an El Camino
serve cold and drink fast!


From the depths of America’s rust belt come the SOY CITY STRANGLERS. Forming in 2008, this five piece has made the most out of their shitty surroundings in the urban wasteland of Decatur, Illinois and delivered a sonic assault of PBR-fueled leather clad intensity not seen since the Reagan era. The raging dual guitars, a tight bombastic rhythm section, and the nihilistic spitted vocals of Billy Fury converge into tunes comparable to the finer works of The Dwarves, Poison Idea, and The New Bomb Turks. The boys will be touring across the country until the whisky runs out. They just recorded with Matt Talbot (Hum, Centaur). Tracks will be up soon They talk shit. They play fast. We like it. -Waldem Artists


Soy City Stranglers-" Self Titled"
Released 10-26-10 on The Path Less Traveled Records
Soy City Stranglers " 5 Knives" EP to be released in early 2011 on The Path Less Traveled records