Soy Dracula!

Soy Dracula!


The worlds greatest vegetarian punk rock opera. A soy filled bourbon fueled runaway train headed straight for your soul.


A band, an opera, and a way of life. We tell the story of Soy Dracula, the Spanish vegetarian vampire, and his minions. His loves, his enemies, and a french guy. All through song and films.


Stolen Bat (full length cd coming soon)
It's small but it's yours (4 song ep)

Set List

Soy Dracula
Living La Vida Soya
Next Time stick it in my pussy
Stab me baby I like your Style
Crepes and porn
Phobia of white creamy dressing
When I say four I really mean three
Dr Guano's hate song
I fucked the poltergeist girl
Too much Soy, not enough cock